Help QA Engineers record bugs

The app was made to help QA Engineers record bugs in the easiest way possible.  Our business partner delivers variety of testing services. They face with challenges in showing bug reporting videos and screenshots – all existing screen recorders are quite difficult in use and require too many actions before recording starts. So, we suggest to develop an app that would have a continuous recording. 


Electron, Node.js, React


1 developer, 1 UI/UX designer


Information Technology


1 year, ongoing

Stack of technologies:
  • JavaScript (JS) as main programming language (ECMA 6/2015 standard).
  • Front-end framework ReactJS.
  • SASS (pre processor for CSS).
  • Dropbox/GDrive integration.
  • Redmine integration.

Newborn app helps QA Engineers make a video recording of screen continuously for specified time (1, 2, 3, 4, 5-10 minutes). Engineers don’t have to worry about storage on their computers anymore – the system deletes old and unnecessary recordings.
It’s simple in use – you should open the program only once.

As a result we got an app allowing record a bug, convert it to GIF image or video and save it into Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud.