Reviews from our clients

Gary Lewis
CEO and Co-Founder

I really want to thank the Ralabs team for building the entire product for us. We obviously couldn’t have done it without them. Their amazingly fast speed and big smiles every morning have made the whole process so much easier. I’m impressed with what they managed to do in such a short space of time.

Just need to express a big appreciation from our side and basically we’re going to test this product on the market now, and make sure we can get some users and try to build a business case out of it. After successfully doing all of that, I’m really looking to work with them again in future. Big thanks for all of their efforts.

Maximilian Brückner

“If you search for a development team with a young mindest that does not only complete your tasks but further adds value to your ideas and projects, you just found it.

Ralabs is an outstanding team of young developers with great work ethics. The several development tasks that they completed for our online platform consistently left us with our thumbs up in terms of communication, work-flow, testing and delivery. A beautiful and unstressful experience for our enterprise!“

Simon Stockdale
Founder and CEO
Dexter Smith
CEO and Co-Founder

Working together with Ralabs has been a great experience. The developers really show that they care about the project and also have fun in creating it, which I believe to be an important aspect. They are eager to think along with you and challenge you to create even better solutions. The communication and collaboration between us have resulted in high quality software.

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Stefán Emil Páll
COO / Co-founder

After trialing a few different outsourced software developers without success, we were delighted to learn that Ralabs takes a different approach. Their management took care to listen to our needs and to make sure we are getting the correct value for the service provided. Their leadership recognized our requirements, their groups efforts materialized. It became a cohesive relationship. The team always takes time to fully understand the scope of the project and does not over-commit in terms of time or technical outcomes. All of this leads to high quality delivery of projects in a timely fashion.

I highly recommend Ralabs to well informed and educated clients who appreciate and understand the benefits of a discovery-based approach to application design and development, resulting in minimum cost of development and ownership.