A COVID-19 survival guide for businesses and startups

Andrew Yasynyshyn, CEO at Ralabs  As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on the global economy, countless businesses are facing unprecedented challenges to their very survival. More than ever, it is crucial to respond quickly, maintain positive relationships with customers, provide quality lines of communication, and continue to develop your business processes. There is only one way for businesses to survive in this situation: Act right now. 
Andrew Yashinishin, CEO at Ralabs
Andrew Yasynyshyn, CEO at Ralabs: Four advises for businesses and startups during the coronavirus outbreak

What businesses need to do:

1. Act faster.  All the world is going online and digitalizing more rapidly than ever before. People are staying at home and many of them are going online for the first time. Our task is to improve their interactions with online applications. If these people are using online services for the first time, spend more time with them. Suggest a consultation and talk to them. Helping your customers will keep them with you even after the crisis is over. How to prepare:
  • Upgrade your web and mobile applications.
  • Enhance your application user experience and interface design.
  • Conduct QA and A/B tests.
 Don’t know where to begin? Schedule a free hour of consultation with our Business Analyst   2. Take care of your customers. Help them to reduce stress and save costs by developing and personalizing your business offerings. During the crisis, the cost of attracting new customers will increase, so it is better to focus on your present customers and work on the retention of past ones.  3. Improve your CRM and communication channels: chatbots, online messengers, business telephony, callback options, etc.  Read a Case Study: How a housing corporation improved communication with their tenants in the Netherlands.   4. Sharpen your business processes. While all your conferences and business trips may have been canceled, you still can and have to develop your business and sharpen your internal processes and operations to prepare the company to scale. So, how can businesses and startups survive in times of crisis? They still need to develop their offerings and prove their value to the market. COVID-19 is a great opportunity to strengthen your digital presence and make sure that your services are convenient to use online. 

Here is how we may help you in times of crisis

We’re giving you a free review of the technical aspects and digital presence of your business. Our experts, including me and our CTO, will help you to ensure your business presence online. Over the course of one hour, we will work for you to create an R&D plan, review requirements, a review of any technical procedures you have, or advise you on the UX side of your current or future business. You also may book a free one-hour technical consultation with our:
  • UX Analyst
  • System Architect
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • QA Team Lead
 Please follow this link to schedule a call with me and we will see how we can support your business. Or call us right now: +1 302 480 1949 +38 067 672 1646