April’s been full of fintech news. Here are some of the most interesting publications, significant events, and promising startups you could have missed in April. You can find more news on our Ralabs Medium FinTech blog.

Top 20 Publications

How’s blockchain related to Brexit? Can fintech save the environment? What are the mistakes to avoid and opportunities to take in the industry? Here’s a list of these and other articles you should check out.

1. How to Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Across Multiple Exchanges?hackernoon, read here The debate between keeping exchanges solely centralized and diversifying assets across several different exchanges continues. The article reveals why the latter is more favorable for investors — read here why.
2. Five key takeaways from the 2019 State of Digital Sales in Banking ReportBankingTech, read here With banks shifting to digital accounts, customers’ preferences begin to play a more important role. The report on digital sales in the banking industry over the past year reveals the key aspects to take into account to satisfy customers’ needs. Check the report summary here.
3. Jaguar Land Rover Wants You To Earn Cryptocurrency As You DriveForbes, read here One of the leading representatives of the automobile business is encouraging collaboration with vehicle owners. Jaguar Land Rover drivers are offered to report data on traffic and get paid in digital currency in exchange. Learn more here.
4. The Fintech Files: Clarity for cryptofnlondon.com, read here New approaches to managing cryptoassets are emerging, and knowing what to expect in 2019 requires digging deeper into what’s new in the field. Here’s the summary of key takeaways for you to keep in mind.
5. A Fintech Opportunity Entrepreneurs Could Swiftly Respond toentrepreneur.com, read here Do you want to learn the cost of neglecting back-end in the banking industry? What about the cost it takes at a national level, for an entire country’s industry? India has things to share on what mistakes to avoid in the fintech industry.
6. How Fintech Is Changing The Small Business GameForbes, read here Among other areas, small business is becoming one of the most affected fields by fintech. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have made a significant impact on small business so that it has changed over recent years dramatically. To learn what’s available for small business today, read here.
7. All tests are not created equal: choosing the right psychometric-based credit toolBankingTech, read here New solutions for credit scoring have been developed, so people with rather unpresentable credit histories can now get a chance to access credit. The new models require checking the products and vendors out there to create a beneficial solution. Read here.
8. The Fashion Industry Is Insanely Wasteful. Can Blockchain Fix It?Entrepreneur.com, read here Fintech for sustainability: blockchain can be used to reduce the amount of waste from manufacturing processes in the apparel industry. The article narrates how blockchain can help turn waste into money. Read here.
9. The evolution of digital innovation and customer experienceTechRadar, read here One more area in which fintech is becoming a great help is churches. Focusing on customers’ needs appears to be critical to ensure that a product is useful, and it is exactly how novelties have entered the church. More on the case here.
10. The blockchain hype is over, but disruption is just beginningBankingTech, read here With the past year being carefully focused on cryptocurrency, highlighting the most influencing changes in the field is critical to get an insight into what to expect. The article shows 2018 in a nutshell in terms of the dynamic tendencies of digital currencies.
11. A five-year crypto plan: here’s what we can expectBankingTech, read here Are tech brands likely to engage with cryptocurrency in the nearest future? Will Bitcoin continue to be an attractive investment among digital currencies? Learn what’s coming in the area of cryptocurrency here.
12. Here’s How AI Plays a Pivotal Role in Assessing Loan Seekers With no Credit HistoryEntrepreneur, read here 

More and more attention has been paid to rethinking credit models with the application of AI. Here’s one more, detailed and illustrative piece on how the novel approaches help to shape a new view of loaning.

13. Opportunities in Blockchain-driven Supply Financing: Realizing the true potentialEntrepreneur, read here 

Since blockchain has become deeply involved in the supply chain industry, mistakes and opportunities regarding how it should be used properly are worth discussing. Want to learn these and the role blockchain plays in the supply chain? Read here.

14. Fintech Insurer Lemonade Valued At More Than $2 Billion After $300 Million Funding DealForbes, read here 

Wondering how a start-up in insurance can become worth millions of dollars? Get familiar with the story of Lemonade, an example of a successful start-up, which is now collaborating with a fintech company. Read here.

15. Bitcoin And Anonymity: What is Bitcoin Mixing? And Why do People Use it?Hackernoon, read here 

A piece on anonymity and the use of Bitcoin. Is mixing safe in terms of your privacy? What kind of mixing should you choose to ensure your safety? Various details about dealing with Bitcoins are here.

16. Demystifying enterprise blockchainTechRadar, read here 

Since the blockchain technology entered the world of enterprise, a lot of uncertainties regarding the benefit of this change have been claimed. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise blockchain here and decide whether it prevails over the traditional enterprise.

17. Taking a Venture Studio Approach to Drive Blockchain AdoptionEntrepreneur, read here 

The blockchain technology has been entering different industries at a rapid pace. So it’s right about the time for the question of what should we do with it to be asked. Learn the answers to this question here.

18. Why Fintech Should Embrace The Fourth Industrial RevolutionForbes, read here 

The fourth industrial revolution is claimed to be here, and fintech must take part. The new revolution is about involving people of diverse demographics, and providing access to finance is one of the ways to do so.

19. How the UK fintech sector is set to fare this yearBankingTech, read here 

Fintech seems to have reached its most highs in the United Kingdom, based on the investments in 2018. But is the success going to last further? Learn what to expect in the UK’s fintech sector in 2019.

20. Could blockchain solve Brexit?BankingTech, read here 

With the ongoing debate on Brexit, particularly its date and the changes it would bring about, the role of blockchain seems to be more decisive than it was expected. Can blockchain really minimize the losses caused by Brexit? Find the answer here.

Top 5 FinTech Conferences

April was full of events dedicated to fintech and advancements in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the conferences that took place and what they involved.

1. RBI Digital Banking Conference EU 2019April 1–3, London The conference gathered banks from different parts of the European Union, along with delegates, to encourage digital transformation and open banking in particular.
2. Crypto Capital World 2019April 3–4, London 

Crypto Capital World 2019 united stakeholders of the fintech industry, including government officials, to start an open dialogue with some of the most successful fintech disruptors. The discussions focused on cryptocurrency and both trends and innovations in the industry.

3. EXECFintech 2019!April 10–11, Frankfurt 

The goal of the conference was knowledge sharing, therefore the invited speakers were representatives of startups, investors, and figures of financial institutions. The conference was rather small to ensure the quality of information and networking.

4. Innovate Finance Global SummitApril 29–30, London 

The leading themes of the conference were payment technology and fintech, in addition to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The event started London’s FinTech week by empowering the existing achievements in the industry at both local and national levels.

5. UK Fintech Week 2019April 29 — May 3, London 

UK Fintech Week (UKFW) was full of events dedicated to celebrating innovation, sharing insights, building connections, and fostering collaboration in the area of fintech. The central topics discussed during the week were investments, blockchain, AI, big data, and several others, all in the context of the UK after Brexit.

Top 10 Start-Ups

Fintech remains to be fruitful with startups aimed at simplifying related processes. Here are some of the most welcomed and supported ones.

1. Mercury 

The app is a banking system targeted at startups that allows non-US residents to create accounts. Easy, appealing UI and quick registration have been highlighted as the strongest benefits of Mercury.

2. Coinbase Card 

Regardless of your location, you can now spend your cryptocurrency with the app. Although the project is still in progress and not all devices support it, the opportunity seems to be quite favorable for crypto users.

3. Airbase 

Accounting made easier for business: now you can manage all your spendings in one app. Different channels of payments, various vendors, and several statuses of payments are all in Airbase.

4. Freetrade 

Freetrade allows the users to get started with stock investments in just a couple of clicks. The UI is extremely simple and no fees are charged for investing. The app currently functions in the UK only, but the plans on expansion to EU are in progress.

5. Razorpay Payment Pages 

You no longer have to learn coding to create pages for receiving payments. Use the templates in the app to set up a payment form for your brand.

6. Payouts DIRECT by Cashfree 

Another useful product for businesses: an API Banking platform allows connecting all the banking accounts in one place to track payments and automate the financial processes.

7. Multis 

Multis is a multi-access wallet for cryptocurrencies of a business. Trading, sending, and receiving payments is made simple, as well as automating regular payments is.

8. Say 

A new platform encourages the conversation between a company and a stakeholder. The stakeholders can express their needs for a particular change by connecting their shares.

9. Dharma 

Dharma is an independent from banks platform for lending cryptocurrency in exchange for interest. The users can earn on their digital currencies or lend some from others regardless of location.

10. Rollie 

This easy finance tracking app seems to be better than its former alternatives. It allows gathering all the bank accounts in one place to track expenses while encrypting the data end-to-end.

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