Payments, bank accounts, money transfers, and everything that is even partially related to finances is nowadays moving in the fintech direction. There is a host of reasons that explain this tendency with the increased security and customer convenience levels topping the list. Money migrates online, and there’s no stopping this. Thus, admiring and fostering the process might be the best decision to make. While the fintech industry is developing at an outrageous pace, here’s our take on the TOP-10 news from the world of financial technologies. 

Cryptocurrencies Are Back

With cryptocurrencies making their return onto the global stage, they have once again captured the hashtags all over the web. Here’s what Hakernoon’s Rohit Chatterjee had to say on his rating of the cryptocurrency trackers for everyday use in 2020.

Virtual Trading In Immediate Vicinity

One of the world’s leading fintech experts, Mateo Cassina claims that the COVID-19 pandemic can actually finish what he predicted a long time ago. The markets will migrate to the virtual floors even more than one could have expected.  A board member at Adaptive, a UK fintech company, providing software to the world’s biggest banks and fiscal establishments, Mr. Cassina’s forecast is undoubtedly worth reading. 

Buckle Up: Hard Times Are Coming

Despite Mateo Cassina’s forecast regarding the immense pace of payments digitalization, the fintech startups that were launched in 2020 are now going through not the best of times. Young fintech projects that lacked investment in the early stages of their existence are going to hit rock bottom as Forbes’s Scarlett Sieber claims. 

Dubai’s Fintech Ecosystem on the Rise

There is no need in reminding how much of an economic powerhouse Dubai has become over the last decade. Yet, the city that used to be a small fishing village is gradually being turned into a global fintech hub. By opening Dubai International Financial Center, the city has put itself firmly on the global map of fintech centers, as Richie Santosdiaz expands on this in his article.

What’s In the Box?

The fintech industry is gradually replacing conventional banking, and there is no way to deny this fact. In one of the latest Google podcasts dedicated to the technologies that shape modern online banking, Simon Taylor gathers some impressive names to talk about what makes fintech work. Listen to Simon Taylor, Mike Douglas, Joanne Dewar, and Kate Moody here.

A Bit of Fortune Telling

While the news about the future of the fintech industry is nowadays lurking about the negative phase in its development, there is still the light of hope dimly beaming on the horizon. The article by Vilve Vene will tell you more about what to expect from the fintech industry in the background of coronavirus’s impact, as the author predicts that those are the fittest that will survive.

Experience Comes With Bruises

If you’re still planning a startup in fintech as you believe in your idea and think that no odds can stop you from achieving it, you still have to know about the barriers that will have to overcome one way or another. Daniela Sabrina will eagerly tell you everything she knows about the four major hurdles that every fintech business must endure.

Led By Example

At the lockdown’s beginning, economic experts could have expected nothing less but a complete failure of the global banking system. It seems that digital banks operating worldwide have taken over the mission carried the burden with decency. In his article, Simon Clark will tell about an Italian bank that managed to make its incomes soar while the world’s financial system was falling apart.

Racial Equality Matters

Besides the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 can be named as a year accompanied by a lot of social unrest that was entirely justified given the amount of racial discrimination and abuse in the world. The fintech industry has formed a coalition that is meant to fight against any manifestations of racism within, and Adam Snyder will tell you all about this noble incentive.

UI/UX - Fintech’s Closest Allies

While the IT industry has embraced the value of proper UI/UX design, the fintech sector is nowadays starting to understand that impressive user experience is the way toward winning customers over ordinary financial institutions. In his article, Alex Kreger will tell you about 10 ways that fintech companies harness the UI/UX potential to outdistance banks.
Stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of technology and finances as this year is undoubtedly going to be a revolutionary one.