Main ideas from Paris Fintech Forum 2019, the newest research on FinTech investments and customer experience, thorough analysis of cybercrime and details about chatbots that is using in the financial sector - these and other most interesting FinTech publications in February 2019.

Industry trends

The Why and How of Using Chatbots in FinTechEntrepreneur, read here Chatbots are one of the technologies that transform the way banks work and deliver services. Which potential holds the technology and why it draws the attention of the biggest market players? Innovation strategy, fraud detection, removing complexity from banking apps, and other benefits of Chatbots.
Cybercrime as an EconomyThe Fintech Times, read here Word’s level of cybercrime keeps growing, and methods of the fraud become more and more ingenious. Here you can find a review of the current situation and predictions for 2019. Common entry and attacks methods, threads that every financial business should pay attention to.
How Mastercard's FinTech And Data Science Increase Opportunities For Women And CitiesForbes, read here Did you know that almost 23% of all people on the planet don’t have access to the banks or any possible financial services? There are some ideas on how to change this situation using Data Science and modern financial technologies.
Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin FailedThe New York Times, read here During the next year, some of the biggest internet messaging companies are going to roll out new cryptocurrencies. Unlike other cryptocurrency startups, messengers have one important benefit - they can make the digital wallets available to millions of users in the shortest period of time.


Why mobile banking is the winning strategy for every financial businessRalabs, read here Mobile banking is the way to simplify all our financial processes with the help of smartphones. What makes mobile banking apps so convenient and popular? What is the future of it and how banks can win by applying mobile apps? Challenges, trends, predictions, and their influence on your financial business.
Small Businesses Are The Next Wave Of Fintech FocusForbes, read here Living aside small business, banks traditionally prefer to work with bigger investments. Still, there is over 27 billion small business in the US, which is half of the country’s GDP. Step by step, financial technologies are changing this situation and offer new perspectives to both sides. What exactly can be changed?

Paris Fintech Forum

Crypto Fever Is Over, the Paris Fintech Summit ShowsBloomberg, read here Is crypto ready for its prime time in the heavily regulated financial industry? Figures show that probably not. As was announced during the Paris Fintech Forum 2019, the top 10 crypto assets down 80% in the last 12 months. Read some analyzes of the crypto situation from the conference.
Paris Fintech Forum 2019: Eyes and EarsThe Fintech Times, read here The key industry challenges, data control and ownership, trust to the financial institutions, banking needs, regulations, future of finance at FinTech time, and much more… Main topics and comments from opinion makers on the Paris FinTech Forum 2019.


Poor Customer Experience Costs Financial Institutions $10 Billion Per YearThe Fintech Times, read here Do you think improving customer experience is unnecessary? Just look at these figures. Which exactly problems make financial enterprises lost their clients? Read about traps that you should avoid during digitizing your customer experience.
Fintech investment in 2018 soars to record $40bnFinTech Futures, read here Investments in FinTech companies keep growing and reached record numbers in the previous year. Which companies remain to be the top industry players, and which of them just starting to wins the leader positions?
Banks Facing Acute Shortage of Infosecurity Skills, According to New ResearchThe Fintech Times, read here The report from 451 Research said machine learning, containers, and blockchain remain to be the industry’s top priorities. Still, the implementation of new technologies with a fast speed lead to skills shortages. Which critical changes it will bring to the industry?


We’ve Broken The Internet!The Fintech Times, read here Financial technologies show us a lot of benefits, but what about their drawbacks? Paul Rodgers, Chairman of Vendorcom, told about payment security and its influence on the entire industry in 2019.
AI-powered banking experiencesFinTech Futures, read here Balázs Vinnai, president of W.UP, shared his ideas on why banks need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant in the 21st century, why it is necessary to make a collection of client’s data the first priority.