How to start FinTech company or find the best outsourcing team? Who are the digital nomads and how banks can stay relevant in the digital age? Ten years of Bitcoin, 7 tips to success that are worth $2.5 million, and other best publications about FinTech in the first month of 2019.

Conclusions and Predictions

After the Gold Rush: Looking Back on Ten Years of BitcoinThe Fintech Times, read here On January 9th, 2010, the world’s first cryptocurrency was born. That day, the European Banking Authority (EBA) released its annual report about new financial instrument - Crypto Asset. What has been happening to Bitcoin since then? Find out more.
2019 Predictions And Trends: Playing Catch-Up, Checking Out, Ducking For Cover And More…Forbes, read here What will happen to brands and banks in 2019? Will social media keep losing their users? Elder Care crisis in the US, over-regulation in the UK, the gap between the pace of innovation and governments’ ability to regulate them, and other predictions for our foreseeable future.


Why your financial business needs the Internet of ThingsRalabs, read here It is predicted that the global market of IoT will grow up to $25 billion by 2020. The most significant contribution of IoT in FinTech will come to customer experience, security, infrastructure, transactions, and payments. So, how exactly IoT can improve your financial business?
How to Start a FinTech CompanyHackernoon, read here Have in mind starting of financial business? Here you can find a lot of useful ideas. Which possible barriers you could meet on the way? How to navigate through all the process? How to even start? Several recipes of success.
An Insider's Guide To Outsourcing And Outstaffing Software DevelopmentForbes, read here Outsourcing became not just popular but sometimes even necessary. What to do before engaging any outsourcing, outstaffing or recruiter firm? Here several practices and insider observations you might consider.
Banking for “digital nomads”FinTech Futures, read here The term “digital nomads” is used for workers, mostly freelancers, who travel regularly around the world, usually working for different companies at the same time. The number of them constantly growing as well as their need for relevant banking services. Why is a banking niche market for digital nomads so challenging and what can be done here?


Why Biometrics are Paramount for Customer Experience and SecurityThe Fintech Times, read here Stan Swearingen, CEO at IDEX Biometrics, is talking about what will replace traditional PINs and Passwords. Full encryption, time saving, unique personalization, improved accuracy, and other benefits of biometric authentication.
How Banks Can Stay Relevant In The Digital AgeForbes, read here Tony Raval is the CEO and Co-Founder of IDMERIT. His company works on fraud prevention using new identity verification solutions. Raval shared his ideas on which digital implementations are necessary for banks that don’t want to become irrelevant in the future.
The 7 Tips To Success That Are Worth $2.5 MillionForbes, read here Goin is a digital wallet that raised 2.5 million dollars during just one year. Its founder, David Riudor, is 23 years old man with 10-year experience in the digital business. He shared his seven main advice on how to achieve great things.