What Apple’s Credit Card will change in the financial industry? How many unbanked people all over the world and what prevents effective financial inclusion? What Artificial Intelligence can do for FinTech and what is the future of payments? These and other publications about financial technologies you shouldn’t miss.

Artificial Intelligence

White paper: How artificial intelligence can improve the bottom line in FSFintech Futures, read here Here you can find a detailed White paper about the fast-paced industry of Corporate Financial Services. Artificial Intelligence can make a difference in the sphere and help to deliver a deeper understanding of clients, market conditions, and potential opportunities. How to stay on top of industry trends? How to understand the client's priorities and identify new deals before competitors do?
AI to Transform The Financial Services: Six ExamplesHackernoon, read here AI became an integral part of many industries, and financial services are not an exception. A lot of forward-thinking financial businesses are exploring new AI use in the area. So, what Artificial Intelligence can do for credit decisions, risk management, fraud prevention, personalized banking, and other FinTech areas?


The Many Faces Of FinTech: Demystifying A Trending TopicForbes, read here Here you can find detailed clarification on what are the FinTech companies, are there any principal types of them, and how they interact with each other. Banking, lending, insurance, payment, and personal finance - all you need to know about modern FinTech.
Four digital and traditional trends in banking in 2019Fintech Futures, read here Which traditional methods banks still need to stay afloat? On which financial technologies is based advancement of the banking industry? Data-centric and person-centric models of banking, faster payments wars, and other banking trends of 2019.
How FinTech companies can knock down the povertyRalabs, read here How many unbanked people all over the world? What prevents effective financial inclusion? What can change the situation: state control or decentralization? These and many other ideas on how FinTech can reduce poverty and improve access to financial services for people in developing countries.
What Apple's Credit Card Means For FintechForbes, read here What is the new Apple Credit Card and why other banking players at risk to be out of the game? As Jennifer Bailey, Apple Pay Vice President said, one of the main goals of a new system is to help customers understand better of their spending and make smarter choices with their money.


The Future of Cards, Contactless, and Biometrics in PaymentsThe Fintech Times, read here Is it true that contactless payments can totally replace traditional plastic cards? What biometrics can do in their confrontation? Read here about factors that are pushing forward the card development or putting back the clock.
Why open banking is going to be so exciting for paymentsFintech Futures, read here You have probably heard about open banking, the approach that makes Europian banks to create APIs for integration with other technology companies. It looks like new regulation will bring us its own payment opportunity. What it can change and which opportunities can offer? Read here.


Ukraine tops Science and Tech Global Index – that should come as no shockFintech Futures, read here UK based NGO’s Good Country Index 2019 called Ukraine a global champion in “Technology and Science”. Which changes have been made on the local banking sector and what else can be done?
Will Increased Decentralisation Give Bitcoin its Second Life?The Fintech Times, read here Adrian Thomson, Global VP of Marketing at Sapphire, talks about the cryptocurrency industry and its prospects for the future. Where the current rise of Bitcoin will lead us? Which role decentralization will play on the market?
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