During this November, there were many talks about modern banking and Artificial Intelligence within the FinTech industry. Attributes of successful digital banking, online courses for newcomers, the best tips for online retailers... What else is on top today? Do not miss these publications.


Banking 2028: What Banking Could Look Like In 10 YearsForbes, read here Colin Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Varo Money, explained why FinTechs is transforming the banking institutions and why it will win in the end. Here is an interesting view on the future of banking and the role of digital identity on the constantly changing market.
Bank Branches and ATMs Set To Become Extinct By 2041, New Research RevealsThe Financial Times, read here The new research from Expert Market predicts quick death of ATM and bank branch closures. Here you can find figures and prognosis on what would happen if the trend towards a cashless society continues at the same pace.
A two-speed journey: the impact AI and robotics will have on financial marketsFinTech Futures, read here The new technologies are continuing to shape the future of business in financial markets. But which technologies have the biggest influence on the industry? How robotic process automation and artificial intelligence will change the market infrastructure? Here a few interesting thoughts.


The five attributes of a successful digital banking experienceFinTech Futures, read here How to maintain a competitive advantage in the dramatically changing FinTech world? Here several advices on how to implement digital servises and not drive away your present customers. Read details about current and future customer expectations and attributes of digital success.
Top Tips for Online Retailers Ahead of the Festive FrenzyThe Financial Times, read here If you are the owner of an online shop, you really need to read this. The number of visitors is usually increasing dramatically before Christmas, and here you can find advises on how to keep both local and new international consumers happy. Check payment methods, keep an eye on your stock, provide fast delivery… What else you can do?
Ukraine’s Monobank to launch Koto app in UKFinTech Futures, read here We have previously mentioned Monobank in our monthly digest, and now we’ve found fascinating news about it. The Ukrainian brand is preparing to launch the virtual banking application in the UK. The app will offer lending services, a card, the option to send money and use the card abroad with no extra taxes.


The first steps in FinTech: Top-7 online coursesRalabs, read here Want to launch a career in FinTech? Or maybe thinking on how to implement some innovative solutions in your business? We found the best online courses that will give you a full understanding of modern financial technologies and some hints on how to break the market.
Hiring in FinTech: Top skills in demandPeople Matters, read here FinTech market is developing very fast and needs more talents. What is the ‘full-stack quant’ and which multidisciplinary skills will be most required on the market? Here a few moments you should pay attention if you want to launch a career in FinTech.


MindBridge Ai CEO On Why Accountants Can’t Afford to Ignore AIThe Financial Times, read here ‘Big Data is no longer a future dream, it’s the new normal for accounting,’ - said Eli Fathi, CEO at MindBridge AI. He told about using Artificial intelligence in accounting and share his thoughts on why businesses that fail to apply AI could quickly find themselves being undercut.
Open Banking: A Wave Bigger Than The Internet And MobileForbes, read here There was a lot of buzzes about open banking and its influence on the financial sphere, but can it really change the basics of the business? There some interesting thoughts from Anabel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder of FinTech company NovoPayment.