Ukrainian startups in Forbes’ review, the perfect programming language for FinTech projects, transforming of the banking industry by Artificial Intelligence, etc. – the best publications on FinTech that you could miss this September.
FinTech September 1Monobank Leads The Expeditious Emergence Of Ukraine's FinTech SectorForbes, read here What is the news of FinTech in Ukraine? Forbes analyzed the current situation in the sector. Startups from Ukraine, or founded by Ukrainians, raised $265 million in 2017. EVE.Calls, Grammarly, BitFury, Petcube, etc. – what else we have to surprise the international community?


FinTech September 25 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Already Transforming the Banking IndustryEntrepreneur, read here Artificial Intelligence is changing every sphere of our lives, so what about the banking industry? What is happening now and what could be in the nearest future? Some interesting facts about improvements in customer service, pattern recognition, fraud prevention, etc.
FinTech September 3Three trends that are changing the nature of digital paymentsRalabs, read here Slowly but steadily, smartphones replace bank cards, as well as cash replaced credit cards before. Now, we are using payments thru the air and veins instead of signatures, what will be next? Find out how will we pay in the nearest future.
FinTech September 4The FinTech Banks Are Coming: Why You Should CareForbes, read here General analysis of what is going on with the banking sector while FinTech is finding its feet. What this changes may mean for traditional banks and for customers? Let's’ find out.

Problem solving

FinTech September 5Why FinTech startups fail. 5 mistakes and conclusionsTheStartup, read here It is good to learn from mistakes but to learn from other people’s mistakes even better. Every startup faces a lot of challenges, so how to avoid fatal errors? Here you can find 5 most common mistakes that lead a young FinTech company to disaster.
FinTech September 6From Bitcoin to Blockchain: Solving the Regulatory CryptogramThe FinTech Times, read here There are some legal and practical issues that are faced by businesses in the cryptocurrency and payment sectors. Let’s discuss ‘know your customer’ (KYC) and ‘anti-money laundering’ (AML) checks, legal exchanges, security, etc.
FinTech September 7Why Python Should Be the Technology Choice for Your FinTechSTXnext, read here Startup on the FinTech market requires a lot of decisions, and choosing of techstack for your project is one of them. You need a programming language that will solve your problems but not create them. Here you can find reasoning why Python is a wise choice for any FinTech project.


FinTech September 8What Can Traditional Banks Learn From FinTech?Forbes, read here FinTech continues to snap at heels of the traditional banking and attract younger people. Enrique Dans, professor of Information Systems at IE Business School in Madrid, talks about the ways tradition banks can use the new ideas to attract new customers and to not lose the old ones.
FinTech September 9DBS CEO Says FinTech Firms Need More Scrutiny by RegulatorsBloomberg, read here How new FinTech companies that are competing with traditional banks will affect financial-system stability? Do these companies need more regulation? Some thoughts from Piyush Gupta, the chief executive officer of DBS Group Holdings Ltd., Southeast Asia’s largest lender.
FinTech September 10Dr. Doom On The Future Of Money At BlockShow AmericasThe FinTech Times, read here Nouriel Roubini, who correctly predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, share some ideas about cryptocurrency and the blockchain at Cointelegraph’s BlockShow Americas. Here you can find his thoughts on why cryptocurrency are dangerous and why money is freedom.