This week, Oct 29th - Nov 1st, Ralabs is attending one of the largest data science conferences in the world — ODSC West 2019.  Andrew (CEO) and Roman (CTO) will talk about issues that Data Scientists are facing in the industry (Demo Hall session, scheduled for 11:00 am, November 1).  The topic is: "What Your Data Scientists Complain About". Ralabs co-founders will share their experience and shed light on insights about the service side of Data Science industry.
“Roman and I are engineers at heart. Working side-by-side with data scientists, we saw how much time they spent on the engineering part of the data science pipeline — something they had neither skill nor interest in. We saw an opportunity to both speed things up and to improve quality and founded a company around the premise that data scientists should do what they do best — the science, that is. We take care of the rest. Today Ralabs is making data scientists happy from companies like Forbes, Capitalise, CR2, and others”. — Andrew Yasynyshyn, CEO of Ralabs
 Ralabs will also attend the Conference Exhibition on Friday, November 1, from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Drop by to talk data science with Ralabs founders or to simply taste some great Ukrainian chocolate. You can also contact Andrew and Roman directly to schedule a meeting at the conference. * The Open Data Science Conference is one of the largest applied data science conferences in the world. These events involve expert-led trainings, workshops and talks with experts in data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning. In addition, participants can connect, network, and exchange ideas with their data science peers and experts from across the world.