Ralabs, a leading web, and mobile application development company, is proud to announce the launch of its new website - new.ralabs.org! The founders have witnessed the company expand, overcome challenges, and establish its name as an industry leader over the course of years. “In its seven years of existence, Ralabs has grown and matured while developing the best approach to designing software that helps our customers’ businesses succeed. Our vision is to build a team of top-stars engineers to become a life-time development partner for our clients...and maybe acquire Microsoft one day :), says Andrew Yasynyshyn, CEO of Ralabs. As honesty and instant feedback are some of the Ralabs values, we acknowledged the needs of our users and chose to improve our communication with them. Ralabs decided to redesign the website in a way that will provide more value and better user experience to the visitors. Below is a list of the redesigned pages: 
  • Homepage - a new outtake on the Ralabs website's main page, offering a sleek design with fresh visuals.
  • Cases - an overview of case studies based on the company’s recent projects, divided into categories by industry.
  • FinTech development - having started as a FinTech startup, Ralabs has vast experience in this area. The page offers a summary of the benefits that Ralabs provides for FinTech companies, along with client testimonials and success stories.
  • Media - a new page about Ralabs media software development projects, providing a list of benefits for the media industry and an overview of the services that the company provides.
  • How we work - a breakdown of three remote work models Ralabs offers: Time & Material contract, Fixed Price Project, and Project Discovery. The page discusses five project development steps as well as company standards and principles for each project.
  • Why work at Ralabs - the company vision and values along with open positions. Ralabs is currently on the lookout for talented people who would help the company grow.
 Ralabs is taking a step-by-step agile approach to developing other pages on the website which are to be expected soon. The company would highly appreciate your feedback - you could help by completing a survey about your experience with the new pages. Take the survey