While some keep thinking that Ruby on Rails is slowly dying, it seems to be booming more than ever. Numerous updates on RoR and related technology have been out over the summer, along with useful articles and tutorials. Keep reading to learn what’s new with Ruby on Rails and what positions are open for the developers.


 RubyMine 2019.2 Released: Faster Debugger, Ruby 2.7, Rails 6, and Much MoreRead here A new version of RubyMine is out now, introducing updated debugger, smoother collaboration with Ruby 2.7 and Rails 6, along with Factory Bot and Shell script integration.
Ruby 2.7.0-preview1 ReleasedRead here An extended piece on the new Ruby 2.7 version: the article provides a detailed overview of what’s new and contains links to download the updates.
JRuby ReleasedRead here The community introduces the new, better version of JRuby. The update has several key improvements, all listed in the article.
A New Maintainer and Sinatra 2.0.6!Read here The upgraded version is out, and the team has got a new member, who has been a dedicated contributor. So more is yet to come, but for now, version 2.0.6 is ready for use.
Rails 6.0.0 rc2 releasedRead here This is the second release candidate with all the blockers from the first one being cleared. The final release, Ruby 6.0.0, is to be provided soon when the absence of any blockers is confirmed in this release candidate.
Jekyll 4.0.0 ReleasedRead here The new version is out: cache everything and transforms content in more diverse ways. The news piece contains all the links you need to upgrade.


Ruby on Rails Developer for a Machine Learning ProjectRead here Ralabs is looking for a RoR developer for a project from our American client. The project is challenged to find a machine learning solution in human resource sphere and help to improve the recruitment process with technology.
Ruby on Rails Developer for a Healthcare ProjectRead here A senior RoR developer is wanted in Ralabs to take full control over technical decisions, choice of architecture and direct collaboration with stakeholders in a project on direct difficult-to-treat dental patients to the right hospitals in the UK. 


RubyC (September, 2019)Read here RubyC, a conference devoted to Ruby, is delayed until 14-15 September and will be hosted in Kyiv, Ukraine. Speakers are Ruby, Rails and other technology enthusiasts, gathering for discussions, news exchange and learning from one another.


Is Ruby on Rails dying: Myth or Reality?Read here The article reveals different sides to the topic of RoR in terms of its future. A helpful reading to reflect on, considering the recent ongoing debate on whether Ruby on Rails will face growing popularity or become the past in the near future.
GitHub's 32 Most Popular Ruby on Rails Repositories (July, 2019)Read here The article gathers a collection of recently trending Ruby on Rails Github repositories, with each being linked and described briefly. The length of the list is a bit of proof to the position that RoR is still staying strong among its alternatives.
I Became a React JS and Ruby on Rails Contributor—You Can, TooRead here The title is pretty self-explanatory: the author shares his story of starting to contribute to open-source projects. He mainly focuses on the reasons why others should do that as well and what the benefits are. 
8 Startups That Became Tech Giants via Ruby on RailsRead here The article provides a list of now huge projects that used RoR. This reading is another good reminder of the worth of Ruby on Rails and a proof to that it shouldn’t be dying.


1. Learning Ruby on Rails. Resources for Aspiring and Advanced ProgrammersLearn more This one is an informative guide on Ruby on Rails for students ranging from beginners to advanced programmers. The author collects resources for studying, reflects on the befits of learning Ruby on Rails and discusses the careers of RoR developers.
2. The Basics of Routing in Ruby on RailsRead hereThe article focuses on the topic of routing and how it's conducted in Ruby on Rails. The reading is rather aimed at beginners since the author starts with the basics of routing and simple explanations on further included parts.
3. Active Storage File Upload Behind the ScenesRead hereThe article with a self-explanatory title is a guide on active storage file upload in Ruby on Rails, included in the publication series Ruby Inside. The tutorial is simple yet detailed, which makes it easy to learn the stated operation.
4. A Ruby Cheatsheet For ArraysLearn moreThis one is a great resource to learn arrays in Ruby or use it as a cheat sheet for when working with arrays. All arrays are gathered in one place, which makes the article useful for beginners, especially.
5. Magic Comments in RubyRead hereThis piece is on creating magic comments in Ruby, particularly explaining how they differ from regular comments and what their specifications are. This tutorial will be helpful to anyone unfamiliar with magic comments.
6. Getting Started with Rails 6 and ReactRead hereWith Ruby 6 being released, the author explains how to start working with it, along with React. He discusses what to do to upgrade to Ruby 6 and how to get started with it.
7. How To Set Up a Ruby on Rails Project with a React FrontendRead here A very informative article on setting up a project with Ruby on Rails and a Reach Frontend. This tutorial is probably suitable for more experienced developers since it contains much of related information and can be confusing for a beginner.


Ruby on Rails PodcastListen hereHosted by Brittany Martin, the weekly podcast is wholly dedicated to Ruby on Rails. The conversations focus on different aspects and news on open-source software and career in programming in general, both of course evolving around Ruby on Rails.
Ruby RoguesListen here Another podcast focused on Ruby on Rails, including the related technologies and professions. Episodes come out every week, with different guests invited. 

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