From questions to the answers, from beginners to advanced programmers… Here you can find leading online courses that can teach you to work with one of the most demanded programming language - JavaScript. Choose between courses from well-known global universities and experienced instructors to pave your own way to the world of programming.
Modern JavaScript From The BeginningUdemy. Enroll here This course requires basic HTML and CSS knowledge and shows how to build projects on JavaScript without frameworks or libraries. Within 10 real-world projects, the course helps to fill many holes in the understanding of JS concepts. The instructor, Brad Traversy, is a full stack web developer with over 12 years of programming experience and 5 years of teaching. Here you will find over 20 hours of videos and 111 resources for downloading.
Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML, and CSSDuce University, Coursera. Enroll here One of the best courses for beginners. Here you will study foundational programming concepts including loops, functions, and much more. The course gives a good understanding of how to solve problems in programming, how to build an interactive web page with images, links, and paragraphs. By the end of the course, you will know the fundamentals of web development and essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web DevelopersJohns Hopkins University, Coursera. Enroll here Another course that will give you a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this time from Johns Hopkins University in the US. How to pay enough attention to server-side development and do not forget about usability? How to create a fast-load page and customize it for different devices? The basic knowledge of JavaScript will help you to create a fully functional web application.
JavaScript IntroductionWorld Wide Web Consortium, Université Côte d'Azur, edX. Enroll here The main goal of this course is to show beginners why JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. You will find out how to use JavaScript to create custom graphics and animation, how to manage editors, runtimes, lint tools, browsers, and third-party libraries. Having passed the course, you will be able to read the source code of any JavaScript example and probably even to start your own project.
JavaScript Essential TrainingInLearning. Enroll here This course has a lot of practical examples and mini-projects. They will help you to understand JavaScript piece by piece including document object model (DOM) scripting, loops, closures, basics of JavaScript libraries. You will find out how to work with data, handle events, make images responsive using markup, change DOM elements, and more. This course is suitable for beginners and was well-received by almost four thousand learners.
JavaScript - From Beginner to Pro-Build real world JS appsUdemy. Enroll here That is one of the most popular programming courses on the Udemy platform. Its creator, developer and team lead Abhay Talreja, assures that with his help any learner can grow from the beginner to advanced JavaScript developer. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to structure and sort out code, utilize complex elements, how to work with the newest JS components - ES6/ES2015, and more.
The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects!Udemy. Enroll here This course also promises to lead you from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer. The course includes coding sessions, theory lectures, challenges, real-world projects, and a final course exam. Jonas Schmedtmann, web developer and one of the leading Udemy instructors, will teach you how to program, how to solve problems, and how to structure and organize code using common JavaScript patterns.
Advanced JavaScriptUdemy. Enroll here Have some experience in JavaScript and want to advance your skills? This course is for you. Especially it will be useful for programmers who want to change their job and improve their knowledge before an interview. Some of the main topics here are scopes and how to manipulate them, types and equality, advanced topics in networking and event handling.
ES6 JavaScript: The Complete Developer's GuideUdemy. Enroll here The complete developer's guide is for learners who have experience in JS and interested in ES6 syntax. The course will help you find out why ES6 was built, what is the difference between the 'rest' and 'spread' operators, how to dive deeper into iteration using generators. Learn the process of refactoring your current ES5 code into super-charged ES6 and develop complex applications.
JavaScript: Understanding the Weird PartsUdemy. Enroll here Another JS course for advanced learners. Software developer, architect, and UX designer Anthony Alicea will teach you to write cleaner code, improve your ability to debug problems, and even develop your own JS framework. You will understand advanced concepts such as closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs and find out how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes other JS programmers make.