Clients brief

Technical support of the newest platform for developmental testing;Work with MERN stack (including MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js), Meteor, and Koa to improve the application quality;New solutions for the existing platform’s design.

What does the app do

Statistically, one of six children in the US has autism, attention-deficit hyperactivitydisorder or other developmental problems. This application helps parents to takea more active role in screening and achieve better health outcomes for their children. The application is using screening tools recommended by the American Academyof Pediatrics. Every two months parents answer a series of questions about the child'sdevelopment. Based on the answers, the application displays practical recommendationsfor parents on how to behave in a particular situation. Also, the platform allows sharingautomatically the result of testing with a pediatrician. The system reduces 75% of thetime needed to administer score screenings and 90% of scoring errors. The platform has a new feature for parents to control the state of their mental health.A series of simple questions helps to identify early signs of depression and seek medicalattention in time. Sleep and feeding trackers, growth charts, and a vaccine log are also available.

Step 1Parents sign in and enterchild’s birth date.

Step 2Parents can self-screen withsimple step-by-step videos.

Step 3Results are automatically scored,printed, and integrated.

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