Clients brief

Empowering the analytical platform with new solutions to improve customer experience.Deploying necessary changes in a short term for a reasonable price.Extending the project team with experienced developers.

What does the app do

Ralabs joined the team that created a unique tool for marketing analyzes.The system is able to improve marketing campaigns by usingData Science approach. All available data including website traffic, social networksstatistics, digital advertising, etc. is gathered and structured in the real-time mode.As the final result, business gets analytical reports that are easy tounderstand and use. Also, the platform generates not only the current statistic for a business,but forecast models too. They can help to choose the best next actions tooptimize the revenue. A user can set an alert for unusual activity and actquickly within campaigns. The system provides the best way to show whatreally causes changes in a company and visualizes how marketing contributesto business results.

How we did it

Apache Airflow was chosen as themain platform for the system. It is anopen-source tool for operatingcomplex workflows and data processingpipelines. This tool gives a few importantbenefits to the platform. All data andanalytics workflows can be managed inthe one place and have a clear viewof the dependencies directly within theDAGs (a Directed Acyclic Graph). The understanding box charts makeseasy to examine run times and the orderingof the executions. Airflow usesworkflows made of DAGs of tasks, whichwe developed and successfully deployedinto the system.

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