Clients brief

Create a new interactive mobile application, which willsatisfy the most experienced users as well as first-time investors. Combine financial operations, current market statistic,and virtual wallet in one application. All functions must beavailable for users all over the world. Build a clear and convenient platform, which can help to saveusers’ time and make sure they didn’t miss important information.

What does the app do

Our platform allows to buy, convert, invest money, conduct payments,and get the latest market statistic even for unbanked people from thirdworld countries. We replace IDs and biometric signatures, and that will save a lot oftime for users. The system based on the blockchain technology, whichguarantees strong security for all transactions and virtual wallets. The application offers over 20 cryptocurrencies - bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum,dash, ripple, etc. A user can choose one of them or invest in differentcryptocurrencies at once, and even in this case, it is possible to control allfinancial processes at one place. A cryptography price tracker available inthe real-time mode, which helps investors keep an eye on the proses andbe one step ahead.
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How we did it


We analyzed over 30 analogous applications which made more than$1,5 million during 2017-2018. Some of them provide virtual wallets,some makes market analyses, and just a few combine these and otherfunctions. The most common drawbacks in this kind of applications are holesin security systems, support of the limited amount of cryptocurrencies,limitations for users in third-world countries, etc. Some customerscomplained about too high fees, so together with our client, we decidedto avoid fees at all.


To start with, we made the first quick sketch and tried to figure it out howto combine a lot of information in one application. Our focus group agreedit will be useful to see an account balance as well as the difference betweenlosses and earnings depending on current prices. Also, we agreed the system should notify users about serious currencyfluctuations to avoid large losses. All market information will be displayed inclear and convenient graphics. We need to make an archive of transactionsand efficiency indicators for previous trades.


Every decision we made was about simplicity and convenience, so any usercan make a transaction just in three clicks. Concerning colors, we chosecalm blue and elegant black. Blue is a symbol of productivity and trust.It helps users clearly understand their goals. As for black, it is a color ofsophistication and confidence. We are sure this color gamut does not distractusers’ attention and helps them to concentrate on the main tasks.

All financial processes at one place


Absence of monthly fees


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