Clients brief

Accelerate digital banking journey with simple and instant mobile platform,which combine mobile payment and personalized banking products. Increase profitability with an attractive Zero-Capex commercial model.Customizable interface, which can be modified to the needs of each individual client.

What does the app do

The application is the part of CR2 banking software.Our client provide banking services across multiple mobile technologies, so we created the best solutions to the request.CR2 mobile platform optimized for SMS, USSD, mobile web browser, smartphone and tablet applications. All mobile banking services from person to person payments to turning cards on/off are available.The application expanded with innovative functions: sending money between mobile phones,offline banking viewing, accepting and redeeming a loan, etc. One of the main benefits of platform is a customizable interface.With a number of changeable tools, banks can tailor the app interface depending on customer segment.

How we did it

Our main tasks were to update old mobile application, expand it with new functions,and optimized for different mobile technologies. The first step was to show our client how the app will look like with new technology stack. We had a few variants of POC with using Ionic 1 and Ionic 2, but due to research, we decided to use Ionic 2.In a process, we updated basic platform to Ionic 3 and added Angular 5 to the technology stack to get better results.

Our work on this application continue.

CR2 - Channel Banking Software

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