Clients brief

Expand technological capabilities of Smart Home to simplifymanaging home devices and keep up to date with the newesttechnology solutions for a reasonable price. Improve customer experience with a clear and easy interface.With increasing quantity of Smart Home devices, we need tominimize the number of actions to control them. Combine in one application comfort, strong validation systemand reduce operational expenses.

What does the app do

OneButton is a mobile application which helps users to control allvariety of home appliances including TV, lamp, fan, etc. It provides wideopportunities from turning on the light to climate and security control.The main benefit of our app - users can manage all their home ecosystemwith just one button. We used mobile device sensors (Gyroscope, GeoLocation, Accelerometer)in the application. The system is based on microcontrollers. They won’tspoil even the most ornate interior - microcontrollers are tiny and easy to hide. To control all home appliances it is enough to just point smartphone on oneof the Smart Home devices. It will activate control panel with the On\Off switch.Another one and very important benefit of OneButton - it protects a homenetwork by connecting to the local Raspberry server through Wi-Fi.

How we did it


The offer some new solutions in popular now Smart Home technology we neededto make a thorough research on newest tendencies in the area. We analyzedtop-chart application on the Apple, Google, and Windows stores and noticedthe lack of platforms, which are able to control home devices, regulate climateand security systems, and also alert users about their condition at the sametime. We find similar platforms and try to find out their pros and cons with thefocus group help. Our survey helped us to find a lot of drawback in the securitysystems and showed, that users are not satisfied by uncomfortable interfacesand complicate functions. This conclusion formed our main goals.


We agreed that the main concept of Smart Home is to make life simple and notoverload people with new challenges. So, our main idea was to gather in oneapplication maximum of home appliances and manage them with minimum efforts.We decided to create an application which will need just one general setup duringthe launching. Then the user will not need to look for a necessary device in settingsbut just point on it with a smartphone to open control panel. The application must have a strong protection from third-party interventions.We decided to connect it to the local Raspberry server throught Wi-Fi. Also, we wantto create alarm system - user must be sure about safety even far away from home.


So, if our goal was about simplicity, we decided to make  an accent on the laconicinterface - just main messages and main functions. During remote control, the user cansee on the panel all connected devices. Information about their condition displayedon the same screen, and a user does not have to do some extra moves to get thisinformation. If smartphone focused on a device, the user needs one button to manage it.We chose the elegant black color for the app to focus user's attention on the main tasks.
OneButton case 1
onebutton menu screen

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