Clients brief

Tool for managing drone operations. Easy and flexible app to minimize risksand make the process of creating aerial video more comfortable. Real-time updating checklists for pilots with current information about location,necessary documentation for flying in that place, and weather forecasts. Searching for drone pilots and checking their equipment, permissions,track compliance in one place.

What does the app do

Skytango is a mobile application for drone operations. The platform compatible withiOS and Android and can be used for business, training and hobby. Drone operators can join the system and made a profile with information abouttheir license, insurance, drone types, location. When a pilot logs in, the system determineshis location and displays different types of checklists. A user gets all data about flight logs,air traffic releases, any legal documents he needs to fly in that area, and drone's batterycondition. It helps to avoid illegal actions and make sure the drone is safe from bad weathercondition or other obstacles. Skytango helps pilots to track compliance, find a client, and minimize risks. The platformenables searching for pilots on the real-time map, check their services and permissions.Our app provides unique aerial content and revenue sharing between interested parties.

How we did it

During our research, we did not find similar applications on the market. Most of the appsand working with drone control, but there is no platform that will help pilots to manage theirwork and get the orders at the same time. Our focus group wants to have a convenientapplication easy to use in the field. Drone operators need location's data before a flight andalerts about weather situation or other obstacles. This, we created an application that helps to prepare flight quickly and properly, andmake sure an operator did not forget something important. We used AirMap to check flylegality and Google Weather for forecase updating. Other technologies: Mapbox, Firebase,GeoLocation, React/Redux, React Native, recompose, Google API, etc

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