Client’s brief

A platform that simplifies communications within housing corporations and their tenants. A convenient platform for users that contains all the information regarding the property and allows tenants to be contacted quickly. We needed to find the best technical approach to bring these concepts to life.

What does the app do

Ralabs built the entire platform from the front to the back-end, allowing the housing corporations to reach their tenants and always keep them informed via a Progressive Web Application. Our platform consists of three elements. 
  • An Admin Panel for the customer to create and maintain and support clients.
  • A Custom CMS for each client in which they can import tenant information, make posts, and use text messaging to inform tenants of important information regarding their homes. Every post has full segmentation filters to reach the right audience and analytics to track success.
  • A Progressive Web Application for the tenants in which they have a timeline, calendar, and profile to stay up to date with everything regarding their homes.

How we did it

Due to business needs, we built the solution as a SaaS platform. This allowed Talck to adapt the system for each household. It also allowed for custom branding including colors and logos for each household. We challenged the client’s ideas and came up with a solution with minimal design and excellent functionality for all users. The client-facing UI is built with new technology called PWA, which has many advantages over Mobile Apps. Talck is the first system to deploy a platform of this nature using PWA technology.

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