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Highlighting our significant contributions to a diverse range of leading technology products.

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The benefits of custom software development

From paper workflows to EHR, offline to online consultations, multiple systems login to single sign-on. Utilize healthcare IT standards and integrations to innovate and optimize your current healthcare practice.


Get greater flexibility Benefit from custom software, evolving according to your specific business needs, promoting agility and a competitive edge.


Increase scalability Scale your business with software tailor-made to adapt and evolve with your growth and predictable market changes.


Make your users happy Boost user satisfaction: Custom software aligns precisely with your business objectives, offering adaptability and scalability as your needs evolve. This strategic flexibility enables you to swiftly adapt to market shifts, maintaining a competitive edge, keeping users happy.


Get to market faster Fast-track your market entry: With software that is purpose-built, cultivating innovation and an agile response to the market's demands is executed.

Flexibility is a cornerstone:

Promoting flexibility through customizable operational models. Fostering ease in adjustments and continuous project evolution.
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Custom Software Development Services

We’re focused on strategic analysis, innovating executions, and making a success of your project’s journey from concept to realization.

Software Consulting Services

Leverage our team’s expertise to take care of your software solutions. Making informed technology choices, and implementing strategic insights to maximize project outcomes.

Custom Software Development Services

Experience finely tuned software engineering. Designed to meet your business’s unique operational demands.

With a wealth of practical experience and tested theories, we now guide others in transforming their innovative visions into tangible successes.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Elevate your product or idea with bespoke software solutions. Fostering scalability and innovation that will drive the success of your business.

Software Product Development Services

Navigate each phase of software product development with our expert guidance, ensuring a competitive and market-ready end product.

Software Integration Services

Enhance your tech eco-systems with our specialized software integration services. Ensuring a streamlined adoption of new technologies through strategic design, thorough testing, and precise execution.

Custom CRM Development Services

Trust our expertise in managing the complexities of technology integrations, and boosting your operational coherence and functionality through automation of processes.

With a wealth of practical experience and tested theories, we now guide others in transforming their innovative visions into tangible successes.

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our partners

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Relevant cases

We've worked with Ralabs to add an additional team alongside our core engineering and products teams. They have worked closely with us becoming fully integrated with us and delivering an excellent standard of architecture and engineering expertise.
Ollie Maitland
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
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Why do I need a dedicated team?

Well, it doesn’t.
But when it is, the devs you hire actually care about your product.

And there’s more we can give:
Network of battle-tested pros

Get access to teams, not a bunch of lone wolves. We have everyone here: BAs, designers, project managers and coders.

No HR & recruiting costs

Interview only the chosen ones, and forget about stuffing & support — that’s something we take care of.

Scale them up, and scale them down

Twenty devs for the best times or just three for the worst. We’re absolutely flexible with that.

Team rotations are free

Usually, it’s client+team=love at first sight and ever after. But, you know, just in case.

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Pricing Models

We are here to meet your unique needs.
Our team will work with you to understand your goals and challenges, tailoring our evaluation to provide relevant insights.
Whether you choose regular audits or a one-time evaluation, our comprehensive process and detailed report remain the same.


Time & Material

with or without a cap

You pay for the hours we work each month. If we're doing Time & Material with a cap, we'll set a limit on the costs so your budget stays in check.



one time check-up

When we're helping with advice stuff (like business analysis, planning, etc.), agile software development, or improving your current software.


Fixed Price

You pay the price we agree on in the contract.

Small software projects with clear requirements, or when you need a feasibility study or a PoC.

The tech stack

Cloud services
Project Management
Business Analysts
Product Design
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Have we missed something?

Chances are, it’s unintentionally hidden right here.

Depends on the stage your project is at currently. Generally, onboarding takes around two weeks — that’s when we review the docs, get access to all systems, and study your plans & requirements in detail.

We work with Python, Ruby, React.js, Angular, and other supportive stacks. And we also maintain a close relationship with experts in different on-demand tech areas. So, in those rare cases when we need to grab an extra hand for our clients, we can do it fast.

From two months to several years. Quite a range, huh? That’s because each project is different, and before we know the details it’s hard to say anything about timing.

We will be more than happy to hop on a call with you. And then we give you an initial estimate and a suggested roadmap.

Streamline your projects execution with our optimized engagement models, focused on delivering results over procedural uncertainties.
Or, maybe, something else?
Never the wrong time to say ‘hello there’

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