It’s like setting up your own team. Only easier.

Hire dedicated devs that will be a part of your party, not provider’s. While you focus on the ideal, we help analyze, code, and design it.

r01: / wha-a-a-t?

United know-how makes loners go Kaputt

With dedicated teams, you won’t need to scroll through hundreds of resumes, picking up the peanut shells. Nor ping those devs you feel a match with, but they left, never to be seen again.

There is no need trying to switch the devs away from five other projects they have, either. Yours is their one and only.

We believe in the lone hands of gold. But what we also know is: it's the team where success is born.
r02: / advantages

Why does it have to be a dedicated team?

Well, it doesn’t.
But when it is, the devs you hire actually care about your product.

Well, it doesn’t.
But with it, the devs you hire actually care about your product.

And there’s more we can give:
Network of battle-tested pros

Get access to teams, not a bunch of lone wolves. We have everyone here: BAs, designers, project managers and coders.

No HR & recruiting costs

Interview only the chosen ones, and forget about stuffing & support — that’s something we take care of.

Scale them up, and scale them down

Twenty devs for the best times or just three for the worst. We’re absolutely flexible with that.

Team rotations are free

Usually, it’s client+team=love at first sight and ever after. But, you know, just in case.

And we’re really into flexibility

As the team works under a time & material model, the only thing that
separates your from introducing changes is setting up a call.
r03: / process

Here's to a bright dev start!

You give us the requirements, we get you the people. The people who we think will do perfectly in terms of techs, expertise, and cultural fit.
The intro call

The one where we listen carefully, write everything down, and talk a lot about the reinforcement you require.

The tech call

Of course, you get to meet the devs. To assess their tech skills, soft skills — and see if you're laughing at the same jokes.

Code review

We take another look at what you already have and choose the best-fitting tools and approach.

The final call

We virtually shake hands and get down to creating the best software products in the history of software products, maybe ever.

r05: / our work

That track record of ours

If you need some extra hands (or heads) — just reach out

your question
Refer a friend, mate!

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