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Dedicated team behind the project


The client

A mid-sized medical provider in the UK faced a set of issues as the pandemic accelerated. People were unable to physically come to see the doctor and expected a minimum of face-to-face contact at the healthcare institution.

Even though the patients were not sick with covid they were afraid to visit the doctor for a quick consultation. It caused a drastic decrease in the number of appointments booked.


The challenge

There was no app available on the market to satisfy the needs of the client. They were looking for something modern, easy to use and highly secure.

When they reached out to us they had a clear image of what functionality they are looking for and what problems we need to solve.

The top priority was to make sure all the data is securely transferred & stored, strictly complying with GDPR guidelines. Also, the client had a goal to have an appointment process as simple as it can be. The team emphasised the need for appointment reminders since people have been simply forgetting to show up.


Approach / what was done

The team was quite excited about the challenge and immediately the design team started market research while the tech leads went deep into the architecture specification, and line out all the approaches we could choose.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Patient/doctor profile

An extensive doctor profile is available for users to scroll through, all the reviews, education info and experience are listed here to help clients find the best medical care provider.
While working with selected patients the doctor has an access to their profile where they can see the treatment history and more detailed info.

feature:/ 02
Notifications & reminders

The no-show is a huge problem for small and medium-sized healthcare organizations. By implementing automatic reminders and notifications we can decrease the number of failed visits by 50%.
Also, it’s possible to synchronise the appointments with the work calendar.

feature:/ 03
Video meetings

The goal was to eliminate waiting time spent in the hallway while waiting for the appointment. Video conferencing appointments are a great solution for patients without a critical need for on-site treatment. With integrated video meetings patients can reach any physician when they need it from any location with stable internet connection.

Additional features

  1. Treatment history is available within a seconds, all digitized & secure
  2. No-shows tracking enables better scheduling options & customer service
  3. Chatbots are availabe 24/7 to assist patient with organisational issues

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