Development of an accessibility- friendly portal for therapists

Choosing Therapy Platform

Custom software development|DevOps|UI/UX design

Dedicated team behind the project


The client




what was done

The Ralabs team displayed genuine dedication to both the product under development and the mission of our client:

“Choosing Therapy believes improved mental health & wellbeing can be life-changing.”

 Every team member was committed to this cause.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Healthcare provider directory

Users can find the right therapist using various filters, schedule a video-therapy session or in-person therapy appointment,  review therapist profile page with detailed information: experience, videos introductions, photos, and practice details.

Services, pricing, and availability customization for each venue from a single profile.

feature:/ 02
Outlook and integrations
3rd party integrations that allow users to keep their appointment schedule up to date. Enhanced functionality through better user experience at each step of their interaction with the platform.
feature:/ 03
Dashboards for healthcare providers

For sign-ups, self-onboarding, and establishing trust and rapport with potential clients before a real meeting or even appointment request.

feature:/ 04
Convenient admin panel

For bulk providers import, change requests management, licenses verification, data collection, and providers assistance.

feature:/ 04
Google Search and Maps integrations

To find the nearest therapist and direction to the in-person practice location.

Additional features

  1. Wagtail navigational pages and Django static pages.
  2. Fresh UI that adheres to accessibility standards to ensure a smooth and convenient user experience as well as increased responsiveness.

Project management approach

  1. LEAN development following SCRUM methodology.
  2. Weekly iterations with daily stand-up calls.
  3. Iteration planning meetings and grooming sessions.
  4. Pre-IPM iteration planning meetings.


From 100 to 10k

the system scaled psychotherapists and the number is constantly growing.


passed accessibility tests

>30 million

readers per year


boosted website key performance metrics


code test coverage


packages & technologies



SQM, short for Software Quality Management, is our in-house development that we came up with back in 2021. It’s our way of defining what ‘quality’ means to us.

Software Quality Management is a framework that assists in measuring product quality and making decisions to enhance both technical and non-technical aspects of product.

SQM essentially illustrates what clients expect from us and our own standards when it comes to delivering quality work.

Engineering Practices 7.5 / 10

Evaluates coding standards, review processes, and overall development methodology.

Database 9.4 / 10

Focuses on design, structural sustainability, tool relevance, and data backup strategies.

Infrastructure 8.8 / 10

Analyzes efficiency in automation, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring, and cost management.

FrontEnd 10 / 10

Ensures best practices in performance, data validation, and persistence for FrontEnd development.

BackEnd 9.1 / 10

Ensures best practices in performance, data validation, and persistence for BackEnd development.

Project Management 9.6/ 10

Optimizes communication, resource allocation, and reporting in project management.

Architecture 8 / 10

Reviewes system design for scalability, failover provisions, and cloud integration.

AI Tools 8 / 10

Analyzes the impact and efficiency of AI tools in project advancement.

Security 8 / 10

Upholds security through standards compliance, penetration testing, and data encryption.

Team Happiness 8 / 10

Measures team satisfaction, dynamics, and alignment with project values.

Average 8.64 / 10

Tech stack


What the team has to say

Ralabs truly cared about the products being built and the mission of Working with Ralabs feels like your working with an extension of your own team. Every team member was invested in our mission.
Ian Atkins
Co-Founder & COO, Choosing Therapy

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