An omnichannel digital banking platform

Dedicated team behind the project


The client

A company that delivers omnichannel banking software and solutions to over 100 banks in 60 countries.

They needed an omnichannel digital banking platform that would provide various inventive banking features and increase profitability with an attractive Zero-Capex commercial model. One of the requirements was for the app to have a customizable interface that could be modified to meet each client’s needs.


The challenge

The existing mobile banking platform had legacy code that was performing at low speed, and its UI was outdated. We had to find the right technology stack to migrate to and develop advanced app features that would work perfectly on a variety of mobile operating systems and devices.

One of the greatest challenges was to create a customizable UI that lets third parties enable/disable features to their preferences. Our team had to follow FinTech software development regulations due to handling sensitive user information.


Approach / what was done

We overhauled the outdated system, enhanced its security, and improved the overall performance. The app is being turned into a full-scale mobile banking platform, reliable for preserving and managing the patients’ sensitive data. Also, the AWS migration process led to improved app efficiency.

Our engineers created several MVPs to pick the best solution.
We migrated the old code from AngularJS to Ionic before adopting a new approach and developing features from scratch.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Built several PoCs

Our team developed multiple proofs-of-concept (PoCs) to explore the potential of a new technology stack. Through this process, our engineers were able to identify the most effective solution for the project.

feature:/ 02
Refactored the legacy code

We migrated the old code from AngularJS to Ionic before adopting a new approach and developing features from scratch.

feature:/ 03
Added new banking features

We added several new features to the app, including the ability to send money between mobile phones, view banking information offline, and accept or redeem loans.

feature:/ 04
Designed a responsive interface

The new interface of the white-label banking platform allows different banks to purchase the app and customize it with their own logos, designs, and features. This flexibility makes the app more appealing to a wider range of users.

Additional features

  1. Optimized the software for multiple platforms
  2. Added real-time directions to the nearest bank branch location
  3. Provided with analytics and charts of the users’ spending
  4. Enabled touch ID identification
  5. Ensured quick document upload


Top Performer

The client received an award in The Global Edition of Celent’s Report 2020

Fully security

The system had been undergoing penetration and vulnerability testing quarterly. Security experts regularly reviewed the codebase, ensuring adherence to security standards

A multichannel

Optimized for Android, iOS, and mobile web browsers

Highly Customizable

Each bank can customize the app according to its brand books via CSS variables

Ralabs’ developers have succeeded in furthering the development process, resulting in a faster product launch. The team is talented and engaged, making for a free-flowing engagement. Their involvement was critical in helping us deliver our products to the market.
COO at CR2
Michael Brady
COO at CR2

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