Tech Consultation & Project Scan Explained


🚨 News flash: expert guidance and advice are much underrated!

The lack of it ends up in the failure of projects that started scaling prematurely (yes, more than two-thirds experience that problem!) and spending a lot of money on things you didn’t need.

Luckily, the tech consultation & project scan are a huge booster to your business. That’s how you can check, identify and solve the problems before you actually make any money-spending-weighty decisions.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discover the difference between the tech consultation and project scan and how businesses can benefit from both. 

What Is Tech Consultation?

Tech consult is a process of expert guidance and advice to ensure the technical aspects of the project are properly executed. It can help identify potential issues and provide solutions to overcome them. 

Imagine: you’re developing a project from scratch, and you receive suggestions that navigate you through the process and workflow, as well as help keep the project on track within budget and timeframes. That’s when tech consulting can sound like a magic wand in a startup life!

Usually, tech consultation is the first step of the discovery phase, where you can exchange your ideas with tech experts and get high-level recommendations.

So, What Does The Process Look Like?

Consider tech consulting as having a conversation that helps you build a roadmap to your project goals and overcome blockers. That’s how it works in a nutshell:

  • A tech consultant agency gathers all the info about your project and goals and sets up a call or two to discuss your project;
  • Based on the data, tech experts give high-level suggestions and recommend a solution that fits available resources; 
  • The team reviews risks and limitations and shares the potential pitfalls from the tech side.

How Can Business Benefit From Tech Software Development Consulting?

Now you know what tech consultation software development services are all about. Let’s check how technology consulting benefits businesses on several levels:

Taking advantage of modern technologies

If you’re not a tech geek, you might be in the dark about IT trends. If you are willing to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you should implement innovative technology in the products.

The soft tech consulting service can help you find an ahead-of-curve solution that fits the budget requirement and is the best for market success.

High-level suggestions help you focus on right issues

Once tech experts have gathered business requirements, they can direct you with tech suggestions and tech improvement points. It helps you rethink your current tech solution, risks, and sometimes even business plan or business development and marketing strategy.

Tech strategy consulting helps business owners get technical insights from industry professionals = you focus only on needed actions and manage the business process more effectively.

Resolve the risks before you invest

No one wants to spend lots of money and find vulnerabilities after the investments.

Find the risks ➡️ be sure you’ve fixed everything ➡️ scale the product: that’s the correct order, not vice versa. 

That’s what we like about the tech consultation and discovery phase itself, as you can discuss potential risks with a software consulting firm before actually diving in.

But Wait, What Is the Project Scan?

If you read up till now, you might get confused. Isn’t tech consultation the same as a project scan? 

Unlike tech consultation, a project scan is a complex tech audit used to quickly assess a project’s current state, identify potential sticky moments, and recommend effective solutions. 

Such type of service includes high-level suggestions and risks review as in the tech consult, but also tech experts review code and design, check infrastructure & CI/CD + define the tech stack and team composition. 

A project scan aimed to review the project, define the improvement points and stick to the action plan. Tech experts examine the development process, chosen tools and frameworks, methodologies, and quality assurance practices.

Depending on the scope of work, the price of a tech scan service can reach up to $3k and more. By the way, tech consult is usually a free service.

Who Should Consider Getting a Project Scan?

Good news – project scan suits all cases and it’s always the right time to check your project, regardless of whether you’re a startup founder or a large business owner.

Project scan for startups

Sometimes startups need a push in the right direction to avoid failure in the market. A lack of initial research and review might mislead to a dead-end.

By scanning the project plan and reviewing the process of development from scratch, we can validate product technical feasibility, suggest best-suited tech solutions, and find sticky moments in implementation that are holding you back.

That’s how your software business idea gets the proper technical execution and has all chance of becoming a market-leading product. We believe in you!

Project scan for existing businesses

Picture this: you’re a business owner that is probably facing some setbacks or issues with already-existing products. Or you’re simply not satisfied with the results you’re getting. 

What to do?

That’s the right moment to conduct a project scan. 

Tech experts jump on board to review the code, perform an audit, and see the root of your struggles so you can make successful business decisions.

With years of serving various industries and different experiences, our team provides project scans no matter the field – we have expertise in healthcare software audits, fintech, and much more.

Common Stages of Project Scanning

Good news – now we know in a nutshell what the tech scan is and how it differs from a tech consult. However, let’s discuss all steps and processes in more detail to put the pieces together.

Tech Quality Audit

Consider it a regular quick check-up to see how the software is holding up. It includes code & antipatterns review, backlog review, infrastructure & CI/CD check, and more. 

During the software development project scan, the service provider takes a look at code quality, testing, and architecture. With code analysis, developers get a broad understanding of how well put together the software is. 

The goal of the procedure is to catch any big problems early on, so you can fix them before they become bigger headaches.

Risk prediction and analysis

In a nutshell, risk prediction refers to looking for landmines. Risk analysis is the process of identifying and assessing potential risks or hazards associated with software solutions or an app. It involves identifying vulnerabilities, weak points, and potential threats and prioritizing the most critical risks.

The goals of such a step are clear – to mitigate the possible damage and protect the assets from failure.

Validating development approach

Validating your development approach is double-checking you’re using the right tool for the job. 

Software consultant takes a look at the development approach and techniques and compares them to industry best practices and standards. Our team checks if the strategy aligns with the project goals, constraints, and requirements.

The goal is to validate that the development approach will lead to a successful outcome, avoid any potential issues down the road, and deliver the product in the shortest time.

Future state analysis

Tech experts have already checked what’s going on with the current state of your project. Great!

Now, let’s think not only about the present but about the future as well. Here comes the future state analysis!

The goal is to identify the plan for the further development of the project. Generally, an experienced software development consultant describes the development approach, future team composition, and milestone plan. 

Also, the team suggests a possible tech stack. Those recommendations highlight the most appropriate and suitable frameworks and tools for your project. 

UI/UX review

During the UI/UX review process, the team looks at various aspects of the user interface and user experience, such as layout, visual design, navigation, and ease of use.

It’s a step to check if the product is easy-to-use, visually appealing, and meets users’ needs.

Wrap Up

Congrats – now your knowledge about tech consult and project scan has reached a decent level!

What comes next is giving it a try. Our house team covers all aspects of software development, starting from the audit and searching for the right technical solution in your industry. Moreover, you can easily check the price model for our expert consulting and tech scanning services. 

Feel free to contact our team so we can check your project and take it to the next level.

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