We're not just
growing the company.
We help our people grow

Projects with a mission, stacks you will love, freedom of operations — or support & mentorship for those who need it. Oh, and no legacy code. We have a feeling you’re not into it, really.
r01: / benefits

How's Ralabs different from anyone else?

Don’t get us wrong: we believe in cookies and milk with vitamin D. Only when they’re combined with awesome projects and a pro team.
Teamwork, and we mean it.
No lone wolves, teams where “everybody knows your name” and has a Project Manager to turn to.
Hand-picked projects
You’re absolutely worth a challenging project and a stack close to your heart — so the clients are to meet our standards, too
Engineering ≠ babysitting
There's always a supportive PM who explains details to the client. While you, developer or designer, can stay busy with the work you do
There’s no legacy
Only the awesome legacy of Ralabs — and no code that’s been around since the Middle Ages
MacBook for work
Everyone at Ralabs is equipped to run at their best. Not a fan of Steve Jobs? PC happens, so feel free to choose any laptop you will enjoy
Mentorship programs
We take in talented juniors and turn them into seniors. With love & support + a clear roadmap + real projects to practice on
Flexible schedule
Need to pick up a kid, start at 9 AM, or beat those university exams? Life happens, and we’re okay with it
The basics
English courses, medical insurance, sports compensation — simple stuff that works
r02: / Values

we live by

Stay true

Ugly or nice, we communicate all the information honestly in a team, in a company, to the clients, and to ourselves.

Do what really matters

Be productive rather than busy. We enjoy a flexible remote schedule as we strive to keep a perfect work-life balance.

Think "partnership", Not "service"

Our core goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and employees. We opt for mutual success and plan for happily ever after.

Be your own CEO

We are working hard to defeat bureaucracy. Ideas are welcome, and the team is actively involved in strategic planning and decision-making process.

Work together, succeed together

We treat our teammates and clients with warmth and respect, share and receive constructive feedback, support other’s ideas and celebrate success

r03: / q&a



Hey, can I work from home?

We're absolutely remote-friendly. We love working from home on a daily basis but sometimes gather together in a co-working space to have some coffee, chat, and find out how Taras, our Sales-'n'-Marketing Lead, spent his vacation (but we don't make anyone listen).


I have three kids, two dogs, and a hamster. What's your schedule again?

We're flexible, to a certain extent. And absolutely welcome new ideas on how to boost our people's performance. Just make sure to explain your needs and limits, and we'll do whatever we can to meet them.


What is the project I'm about to work on?

No scam, no legacy code, and no client babysitting. Only the projects with a mission, like COVID-19 tracker or mental health app, up-to-the-point tech stack, and a Project Manager who helps with communication.


What's your stack?

Among the majors — JS, Angular, React, Ruby, Python, AWS, and more. Not today, Lisp, not today.


A journey of a thousand code lines begins with dropping a line to us

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