Offshore software development rates by country in 2023

Yulia Darmorez

Yulia Darmorez

March 16, 2022

🌴 Italy, the Phillippines, Poland, Estonia or Ukraine?

No, we are not here to advise you on the best vacation destination. We are here to talk numbers!

How much do charge software engineers across the globe? 

Scroll down to find the comparison of the offshore software development rates in different countries 🔽

Working with dev team in another country is a new normal

When building your next software product or business, you should consider outsourcing to a team in a specific country. 

Many countries offer dedicated software developers and can save you time, money, and headache. But which one should you choose?

You may be surprised how rates of software developers differ by country. 

Hiring an offshore team saves you sometimes up to 50%. 

Indeed, having your team somewhere across the ocean doesn’t seem like the best idea. However, the era of remote work is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Salaries in the US, the UK vs Eastern Europe

Here we compared the offshore software development rates in the US, the UK and Eastern Europe. 

Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic & Baltic countries are considered as Eastern Europe in this particular example.

Junior Engineers on average have 2 years of experience, middle – up to 5 and senior engineers are in the field for over 6 years.


 The US 🇺🇸The UK 🇬🇧Eastern EU
Junior Software Engineer $49-$65$40-$50$30-$40
Middle Software Engineer$65-$80$50-$70$40-$50
Senior Software Engineer$80-$120$70-$100$50-$70
Technical Architect$120+$100+$70+
Jun-Mid ui/ux Designer $40-$65$30-$60$25-$45
Senior ui/ux Designer $70-$90$60-$90$45-$60
Art Director$90+$90+$60+
Junior/Mid QA Engineer$30-$55$30-$45$25-$50
Senior QA Engineer$60-$80$45-$60$50+
Project Manager$40-$90$30-$50$25-$40
Business Analyst$40-$90$30-$50$25-$40

What is Eastern Europe?

It's known as a gem for software development. Why?

Eastern Europe is known for having some of the most skilled and experienced programmers in the world, and they’ve been demonstrating this for decades.

📍Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic are the top software development hubs when somebody talks about top engineers. 

It’s easy to observe from the graph above that prices in Eastern Europe are roughly two times lower than in the US.

The highest you will pay in Poland 🇵🇱 is still lower than working in Western Europe (Germany, France or Spain).

Ukraine 🇺🇦 & Estonia 🇪🇪 offer medium rates starting at $30 and going up to $70 charged by top vendors.

Why hire offshore software developers from Eastern Europe:

🧑‍🎓Excellent knowledge and training

When it comes to tech education in Eastern Europe, the emphasis is on teaching students more than just how to code; they are expected to have an understanding of their client’s business goals as well.

They know not only how to design your website but also how to make it a success.

💰 Purchase cost and return on investment

Using Eastern European coders is cost-effective, to be sure. You can save money by hiring professionals in Asian nations, but you’ll get less in return for your money.

Eastern European IT professionals typically charge three times as little per hour as their counterparts in the United States.

This explains why Eastern Europe’s IT sector is so attractive.

🏢 Wide range of entities

As previously stated, Eastern Europe is home to tens of thousands of IT enterprises.

You may narrow down your options based on the sort of service you require (e.g., online shopping, app developing, website development, etc.) and then compare the discounts on offer to discover the best fit for you.

a screenshot of eastern european companies from
The list of companies based in Eastern Europe on - the leading ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers.

💪 High performance and quality results

Working with people dedicated to completing the task at hand is always a positive experience.

Eastern European developers tend to approach your project as if it were their own. As a result, they are generally seen as a permanent member of the team when the project is over.

They excel at multitasking and delivering high-quality outcomes in a timely manner.

🇬🇧 Decent English level & professional communications

With an international clientele, fluency in English is a need.

Developers must maintain their language proficiency to stay abreast of new advances. The risk of misunderstanding is eliminated as a result.

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Why is Ruby so expensive?

Most of the time, the cost of hiring a developer depends on the experience and the skillset. And not related to the language the developer uses.

However, over the years, we have noticed an increased demand for experienced Ruby engineers, and most of the time, Ruby on Rails developer hourly rates of those who are in senior positions charge higher fees.

Why so? What makes them so wanted, and why do you end up paying more for Ruby engineers?

Nearly 900,000 active websites are built with Ruby on Rails, and that figure is steadily rising.

React and Python has become increasingly popular in recent years, whereas Ruby has fallen out of favor in web development.

As a result, fewer developers are accessible to code in this language than there are in other languages. This occurrence has made the Python and React contractor rates to become lower.

Top Ruby engineers say that this particular language saves a ton of time.

Ruby on rails is a little faster if you are trying to build everything from scratch because many existing plugins and modules allow developers to skip writing repetitive code.

How to hire the actual top experts?

With custom-built software, you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve your company objectives. Having a baseline for the cost of services is essential, however, the quality of work should be a priority.

How do you know people are good at writing the code?

They create something flexible, easy to navigate and change. 

A coder’s personality traits should include excellent problem-solving skills through logical thinking when debugging and finding bugs in code. You would also want someone with grit and who is passionate.


What software developers you should avoid at all costs?

Very terrible programmers will work on something, but it will certainly not make it into production. 

It will require more assistance to repair, resulting in additional expenses or time to finish.

Architects, who are those people?

Architects or tech leads that have been in development for quite some time )6 years +)

They have some outstanding achievements behind their back, so they are ready to navigate your development process in the most productive way.

Wrap Up

There is no doubt that engaging in offshore software development can be a complicated endeavour.

When outsourcing software development to any country, factors such as the local talent pool, language barriers, and a company’s overall capability to provide quality work are all important considerations, these factors can either hold up or prevent outsourcing altogether.

If you’re looking into hiring a dedicated offshore team in 2022, we can help you find the right ones.

To get started you can also download and e-book on how to onboard the top engineers.

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