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Software development solutions tailored for the healthcare industry

Secure, Efficient Healthcare Software Solutions by Prioritizing Patient Safety and Professional Productivity

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Telemedicine Software Solutions

With custom remote care software solutions, healthcare providers deliver superior patient care and increase their efficiency, while patients enjoy a simple, hassle-free experience. Create any custom telehealth app, integrate video calls, in-app messages, or any other features to the patient portal to stay on top of your business goals.

Health Information Exchange Software Solutions

Seamlessly incorporate and retrieve clinical data between multiple systems with custom HIE interface solutions & integrations.

We provide medical software development solutions to help healthcare organizations improve data interoperability, optimize clinical workflows, and ensure positive patient experience.

Healthcare Digital Transformation

The team of healthcare software engineers will work with business analysts to come up with a plan for modernizing workflows and infrastructures for the organization.

Extending existing software solutions to meet organizational needs, the team will not only create more maintainable and user-friendly systems but also cut extra operational costs.

Healthcare Security Services

Data must be safeguarded across multiple environments, meeting regulatory compliance and reducing operational complexity.

We prioritize compliance with regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA for access control, data storage, and transmission.

EMR/EHR Solutions

Keeping electronic health records and procedures standardized and secure is important for all healthcare companies.

Our EMR/EHR software development services help medical organizations achieve their goals of delivering exceptional care by maintaining documented and automated procedures.

Hospital Management Software

Beginning with managing basic patient records to complex data analytics, technology solutions can assist you to thrive. Custom medical management systems help coordinate and streamline work among numerous departments in a healthcare institution.

The management system reduces paperwork, increases productivity, and often improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.
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Software engineering with people in mind


Custom Software Development


Build web and mobile healthcare applications that meet the most unexpected user needs and draconian governmental regulations. Resilient, secure, and often cloud-based.

Digital Transformation​

Turn the never-ending paperwork into a simple and smartly designed digital workflow. Keep all the patient data safe & protected with EHR and access medical records online — from any doctor or hospital.


Hire healthcare software developers that already have a handful of medical projects behind their backs and need zero babysitting. Ralabs is a team of doers, ready to make independent tech decisions and take on responsibility.

Post-Production Support

For features that are yet to be ideated, designed, and developed. For up-and-running products that are to be maintained, put through security tests, and updated regularly.


Get an honest assessment of your future/actual product, or let us seek loopholes in an existing one. You never know when your idea might catch fire, but we recognize the ones that’ll make it to the release.

Product UI/UX

Create user flows that are functional, familiar, and discoverable. Messing up with patient details is human. Building an interface that prevents such situations from happening.

Life is priceless. Software is not.

Get in touch to estimate the overall cost for a healthcare software
development project in dev hours and U.S. dollars.
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custom healthcare systems development

From paper workflows to EHR. From offline to online consultations. From multiple systems login to single sign on. Utilize healthcare IT standards and integrations to achieve best result.

  • Reminders and alerts
  • Assistive Technology
  • Patient initiated follow-up (PIFU)
  • Telemedicine / Telehealth
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Remote care
remote meating
  • DICOM/PACS integrations
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)
  • HIS & Practice Management Software
  • Laboratory Information Management
  • System (LIMS)
  • RCM & Medical Billing / Revenue Cycle
  • Management (RCM)


  • E-prescribing
  • Prescription Software Solutions
  • Pharmacy Management Software

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How can we help?

Healthcare Software Solutions: From UI/UX Design to DevOps, our diverse teams are ready to work with you on your project.

Engineering services
Software Testing
Engineering services

Need experts to develop and launch your idea?

Tell us more about your healthcare project — and we'll get back with solutions,
estimations, and answers to whatever it is you're asking.
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Hire healthcare software developers at Ralabs

Healthcare industry is reluctant to change tech.
So when it does, you will probably want to put everything in safe hands.

The trickiest part isn't tracking or technology; it's trust. Healthcare does not tolerate rookies: only devs who know all the ins and outs can be onboarded quickly and painlessly.

Whatever project you've got, it won't be our first roll. We have a history of engineers trained and apps delivered.


What else do we have?

Transparent processes

Getting your product legally approved could take all types of documentation. So, when developing your solution, we document — and report — on each step of the way.

Broad-based discovery phase

Detailed estimations, tech specs, wireframes, and prototypes. Anything we can do to guarantee that the reality of your product won't keep falling short of the sales pitch.

Enhanced security

Hire engineers who know healthcare software regulations & certifications ins and outs and will help lower the risks when you decide to bring your product to the market.

Tech that copes with demand

Whether it’s a system for a million users or just one, we've got your back and front. With the right arhitecture, your software will sustain any load — and you can scale whenever needed.

Risk & compliance management

Create products that are compliant with the most common security regulations like CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and others. And thus have a better chance of making it to the market.

Broad-based discovery phase

Detailed estimations, tech specs, wireframes, and prototypes. Anything we can do to guarantee that the reality of your product won't keep falling short of the sales pitch.

Tech that copes with demand

Whether it’s a system for a million users or just one, we've got your back and front. With the right arhitecture, your software will sustain any load — and you can scale whenever needed.

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Regulations and
standards we work

Also have experience with

Have a concept or facing a tech hurdle?

Share your thoughts. We’ll guide you through possibilities…

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Security as a process

Hire a healthcare software development agency that puts security on top. Our motto, “secured everything.”


  • Track of activities
  • RBAC to limit access
  • MFA, automatic logouts
  • SSO – Single sign on


  • Encryption of Data at Rest
  • Industry standards Data encryption
  • Backup and failover mechanisms
  • Resilient serverless storages


  • HL7 standard
  • HTTPS/encryptedWebRTC
  • Encryption of Data in Transit
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knowledge sharing. take a dive into our latest healthcare blogs

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Q&A: healthcare app
development services

Yes, it will. We treat security very seriously. Our team can help you build websites, mobile apps, and other software compliant with industry standards if it’s necessary.

Pretty standard, in most cases, and fully depends on what services you actually need. For custom healthcare dev, it would be:

  • Discovery phase
  • UI/UX design
  • Web or/and mobile development
  • Quality assurance
  • Security compliance

Please get in touch with us and describe what product/service you’re about to build.

  • Node.js / Python / Ruby
  • TypeScript / JavaScript / Angular / React
  • AWS / Kubernetes
  • Protractor / Selenium

The time varies from system to system. We can say that we’ll start evaluating the scope by examining your current software with top senior engineers.

The team will draft the most effective & reliable action plan and scope and think through all the security questions.

Have more questions? ask us
your question