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What is in common between Apple, Amazon, Netflix or Samsung? 

All of them are world-famous products, super successful and super recognisable. Indeed, each of the products started with an idea, and the TEAM made it happen. So we can say – Behind every successful product is a dedicated team.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Michael Jordan

Who is the dedicated team?

First of all, when we say “dedicated teams”, we mean long-term collaboration.

This is a partnership model where our business partners build up a meaningful partnership with the team of software engineers or UI/UX designers.

The expertise and skillsets of these remote specialists are chosen in accordance with the needs of the client. 

It’s possible to hire two or three people to integrate them into exciting team or hire multiple engineers to form up a new team.

Why choose a dedicated software development team?

✅ Save costs (including HR & recruiting)

You can avoid paying for additional office space, furniture, supplies, and even coffee when hiring a remote offshore team.

Furthermore, you also don’t have to go through a costly hiring procedure. 

When you work with software vendors, you won’t have to worry about hidden costs associated with recruiting, screening, and assembling an IT staff; all of that is taken care of.

✅ Faster development with quality talent

Choosing to hire dedicated development teams is equivalent to hiring senior developers with advanced degrees and extensive expertise in your field as quickly as possible.

The engineers we work with don’t only take instructions and turn them into code; they also consider the worth of their work and the solutions it offers.

✅ Access to the pool of highly skilled tech professionals

Delegating the creation of a software development team to an outsourcing company gives you access to senior developers and experts with specialised skills and specific knowledge.

✅ Team rotation is free

This is life. Sometimes even the most valuable team members have to quit.

With multiple engineers onboard there is no need to start hiring someone new. Meaning the new team member can start as soon as it’s needed.

✅ Scale them up, and scale them down - whenever needed

With a one-month notice period, you may increase or decrease the size of your staff without having to worry about the firing procedure.

It’s possible to delegate a specific task in another technological stack to part-time personnel.

✅ Access to a network of battle-tested pros

Additional services like quality assurance, UI/UX design, project management, DevOps, and so on are typically offered by outsourcing companies.

You’ll be able to employ not only engineers but a whole IT staff that’s solely focused on your project’s requirements and goals. If they’ve worked together previously, they’ll be able to help each other out in the most efficient way possible.

1, 2 or 10, how many team members do I need?

It depends.

It depends on your project scope on your budget restrictions. In our first meeting, we will try to understand the whole picture and suggest the best team composition for you. 

Some projects start with two software engineers + part-time project managers. For those who are building something massive, we may suggest hiring three engineers with a project manager and keep adding up people when it’s needed.

When do you need your own dev team?

When you outsource tasks to a professional development team, you will reap a variety of benefits. You may need your own dedicated software development team for a software project when you are:

  • Having a long-term project in mind requiring a complex solution.
  • Looking to build an offshore team to support your current projects. This gives extra stability since we got your back at any time.
  • Specific with your budget. Our team can align your requirement to your budget prior to starting the operations.
  • Struggling to find decent engineers in the US, UK, and you need to stock up the team asap.
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No dedicated team is needed

As much as there are several benefits to having an outsourced software development team, here are some indications that you are not ready for one.

It is recommended that you should not hire a software development team when you are:

  • In need of an MVP. In this case, our design team lead would suggest a different scenario. We have a design agency for this case.
  • Unsure how to implement your idea technically – for this case, we will propose your product discovery, where we rely heavily on our tech experts, who will do research and develop a roadmap for you.
  • Restrictive with your budget. We will need to get more details to say if it’s best to suggest you build a team.
Offshore software development rates by country in 2022

How do all these work?

Let’s say you’ve thought about this cooperation model and are ready to take the first step toward implementation. It’s crucial to think about how to proceed and what to expect from your service provider.

In the spirit of sharing our seven-year experience as an IT service provider, here’s a brief rundown of the process:

  1. Introduction. Let’s meet, discuss, and see if we are a match.
  2. Code and tech assessment – this is a crucial step for both of us when our tech leads are going through your tech solution. Either it’s just an idea, we research if it’s possible to implement and how. If you already have a project in the works, we would like to know more about your code and the people working on it.
  3. Interviews and meeting potential new team members. It is up to you how many interviews you want to conduct. We will introduce you to some vetted candidates only.
  4. Signing the docs and getting the ball rolling.
  5. Onboarding, and all-time support. We will make sure people easily adapt to a new work environment. Our assigned Project Managers will constantly contact team members, making sure the communication is stable and flawless.
  6. Happy ending? Oh yes, we are always about “they worked happily ever after.”

Show us some proof!

Easy, meet a fantastic team that is distributed across Portugal, Ukraine and the UK.

We have been partners with Olie for many years and managed to build a long-term business relationship while becoming friends. 

Right now, the team consists of more than ten people, and they are working hard to disrupt the fintech industry in the UK. Here is the case study.


Without a dedicated team

Before coming to us, some of our clients tried to work without a dedicated team and mainly relied on freelancers and individuals.

The major challenges they faced were:

😢 It requires a tedious process to find the proper developers

Some of the clients spent months looking for the perfect candidate. It takes time, effort and patience to top onboard talent – so maybe it makes sense to delegate this task to the professional?

😢 Individuals may leave for a better job

It’s business, and your competitors may offer a better job.

Of course, we have people leaving too, but we can find an instant replacement and spend minimum time on knowledge transfer.

😢 Freelancers ghosted our clients

Once, we were told a story when the designer freelancer stopped replying to the messages after getting very long constructive feedback.

Wrap up

A distinguishing characteristic of a dedicated software development team’s capacity to adapt the scope of work, prioritise tasks, and respond rapidly to changing circumstances.

Because of your direct connection with engineers and your authority to choose the workload of the project, you can accomplish this goal.

With open and honest communication, you may establish clear deadlines and how they will be met with a vendor.

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