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The client

A UK-based trending product helping businesses in loan searching and reducing time and costs required. The platform is powered by over 2000 engaged accountants who add value to the system between clients and lenders.

The challenge

The system needed integration with various third-party accounting solutions and financial APIs for business health monitoring, including built-in advanced analytics for predicting risks and providing business insights based on the credit profile. The solution should also be failover and partition tolerance.


Approach / what was done

We created the monitoring system and mobile app for 3000+ accountants, which improved the B2B loan searching services for over a hundred lenders and the UK’s largest banks.

The system collects all the data about the business in a convenient dashboard with an enhanced user experience and a statistical module for advanced analytics. Also, we connected financial APIs and third-party accountant services.

Implemented features

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Business Health Report

Provides a view of the client's credit profile, balance sheet, and business funding benchmarks into easy-to-read custom reports. The system also identifies the possible debtor risks based on the insights from the Health Report.

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Simplifying the engagement of the new customers for accountants

We developed a native mobile app for iOS and Android. It allows accountants to add the new clients' contact details, look for clients' business data by integrating with the data from the U.K. banks and accounting solutions, initiate the business loans searching, and integrate the data about new clients with the web app.

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Third-party Services Integrations

The most interesting part of the project was to connect the financial APIs and third-party accountant services. They were added to gather financial data, helping to indicate the risks and opportunities based on the business’ financial profile.

Additional features

  1. Built RESTfull APIs coherent with the best DevOps practices and OpenAPI specifications, thus allowing lenders to offer loans automatically and maximize their profit
  2. The ability to download and share business Health reports with clients
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We've worked with Ralabs to add an additional team alongside our core engineering and products teams. They have worked closely with us becoming fully integrated with us and delivering an excellent standard of architecture and engineering expertise.
Ollie Maitland
Ollie Maitland
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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