A Telemedicine App for Instant Patient Doctor Communication

Dedicated team behind the project


The client

The medium-sized private clinics in San Francisco, California anticipated a massive talent shortage coming after multiple doctors had quit during the pandemic. The team decided to invest in remote healthcare care to overcome potential hiring obstacles as well as minimize face-to-face communication in case the state goes under another lockdown.

The challenge

We were challenged to design and develop a platform for doctor <> patient online communication while following strict security protocols. Also, the team expected the solution to be designed with the best user-centric, modern and responsive design practices to make it comfortable for both patients and doctors.

Approach / what was done

The project started with research and brainstorming. The data we found shows around 42% of patients prefer to make an appointment online. Meaning we had to make sure this core feature suits doctors and visitors well.

The design team dedicated a great amount of time to investigating doctors’ and patients’ needs by conducting user interviews and digging deep into market numbers and predictions.

While the design part was almost getting to the end, the developer team began working on the backend part of the app, ensuring the app is 100% HIPAA compliant and the most secure data exchange protocols are incorporated into the solution.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Video consultation booking

No more waiting and lining up. Schedule an appointment online and even integrate it with your work calendar automatically. The patient can select any time slots the medical worker sets as available. Simple as that.

feature:/ 02
Easy patient management

The medical professional can track all the patient info inside the app and pull out any info in a couple of seconds whenever it’s needed. The development team made sure that all the strictest protocols were followed to ensure full data privacy.

feature:/ 03
Admin panel

All the records, receipts and reports can be managed from one place. Add, edit and delete users simply, update the information quickly and automate the appointment reminder process.

Additional features

  1. The doctor’s profile was made accessible for everyone to browse thru
  2. The reviews are displayed to better understand customer satisfaction
  3. Automatic alerts and reminders to ensure you are never late with your checkup

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