A Woman’s Health App Development

Dedicated team behind the project


The client

The client is developing a health app for women who are entering a menopause period of their life.

The goal and mission of the solution are to make this time in life easier, less stressful and uncomfortable. To achieve it the users are to be provided with individual tips, suggested articles, individual coaches and AI-based prediction.


The challenge

The key challenge was to become highly personalised based on data provided by each user. Collecting all the data would help AI make smart suggestions to help women ease the transition into menopause.

Approach / what was done

The project has passed a few development iterations when design and some functionality were changed аfter client approvals and reached pilot production inside the client company.

As further development required coordination and compliance competencies (with FDA and other regulators), the project was transferred to another company.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
The Menopause Survey

The survey was developed. It consists of 30+ questions of a few types and tree structure logic.

feature:/ 02
The easy-to-fill journal

The journal is available for users to track their symptoms and keep track of them.

feature:/ 03
The dev team

Successfully implemented all the designs for web & mobile view.

feature:/ 04
The Backend logic for both

Interaction with ‘Prediction API’ (uses ML for symptom prediction) or hard coded values.

Additional features

  1. Calendly integration to book an appointment with a coach
  2. Blog implementation with an easy content management system and SEO optimization
  3. AWS deployed with 3 environments: development, staging, production
  4. The authentication was added. Users can log in either via email or password or Google account

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