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The client

The founder of the world’s largest AI & ML community has engaged us to help with the process of hiring top AI & ML talent. This process is known to be time-consuming and costly, but the goal is to simplify it for companies. By connecting them with the best talent in this field, the founder aims to improve the recruitment process and make it more efficient.

The challenge

To create an AI-powered hiring platform, with the aim of automating 90% of the manual work involved in the recruitment process for recruiters, interviewers, and HRs. It was also important to ensure that the software development process was of the highest quality and followed best practices. This included conducting regular code reviews and minimizing technical debt.

Approach / what was done

Our objective was also to enhance the user interface of the platform. Through a detailed analysis of the existing workflow, we identified the platform’s vulnerabilities and developed solutions to address them.

One major issue we focused on was the manual process of completing profiles and CVs on the platform by job-seekers. This was a time-consuming task and could lead to errors in the submission of necessary data.

Another challenge was the lack of a further assessment option for companies to test the skills of the top candidates prior to an interview. The platform did not provide this option, which impacted the objectivity of assessments.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Manual tasks automation

We streamlined the recruitment process by automating the manual tasks for both candidates and companies. With the improved platform, candidates only have to upload their CVs in pdf/doc/docx format and the platform will automatically fill in the corresponding fields, thus completing their profiles. 

feature:/ 02
Custom tests integrations

The platform now integrates with HackerRank, an independent assessment tool that offers the opportunity to conduct tests of various seniority levels for tech jobs within the platform. 

After completing their profiles, candidates can assess their skills and knowledge by passing a test that matches their level, and the results are available in their profiles for employers to review.

feature:/ 03
Client-side UI rendering

We split front-end and back-end development using Angular and Ruby on Rails, resulting in a fast and responsive client-side UI.

The existing Ruby on Rails programming framework was also updated to the latest version.

Additional features

  1. Third-party data sources for scoring to create AI knowledge metrics and suggest areas of improvement for candidates
  2. Broke up the fronted monolith to allow a faster and more responsive user interface
  3. A CV parsing tool was developed to extract relevant information from candidates’ CVs in pdf/doc/docx format



of the recruitment process was automated


the time and cost associated with hiring AI specialists


the hiring process, making it easier for companies to find top AI talent


UX & responsiveness of the platform

Ralabs has been an excellent development partner due to its success in delivering projects on time and on budget. They have completed over five projects for us so far to date.
Sheamus McGovern
Founder & CEO at ODSC

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