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Dedicated team behind the project


The client

The US client is the founder of one of the largest data science communities worldwide. The company organizes conferences for ML/DE/Al specialists.

The goal is to bring together the global data science community to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the necessity for virtual conferences has grown. Half a year later, our team started working on the platform for conducting virtual events.


The challenge

The main challenge was to build a user-friendly app that would satisfy all the needs and expectations of regular virtual event visitors. The client put the real-life experience of offline conferences in the first place. The main focus was on making the platform an alternative to popular online event services.


Approach / what was done

Our team created the online conference platform with a feeling of real-life experience. Attendees can observe the view of the exterior of the virtual hall.

Then, they fly through to the lobby and from it, they can enter different halls of the platform and communicate with sponsors while attending their virtual booths. Also, they can see the agenda of the talks they can attend at the event.

While visiting the networking lounge, attendees can see the list of visitors with similar interests and schedule a meeting with them. They also can win gifts from sponsors by following the provided guidelines. The overall experience helps to feel like you have attended an offline conference.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Sponsor Booths

Any sponsor of the event can create their own booth. Sponsors can upload banners, videos, documents and add links that could bring attention to their company. Admin of the booth can add representatives who will communicate with attendees via chat inside the booth.

feature:/ 02

The conference host can create a schedule with the talks happening at the event. Attendees can add particular talks to their favourites, filter them by topic tag, and see the events happening at that moment in a separate section.

feature:/ 03

The event host can get the reports on attendees' activity and navigation through the platform. Also, the host can generate reports on booth visits and clicks, attendees' logins, and agenda activity.

Additional features

  1. Notifications – The host of the event can schedule the notifications inside the platform to remind users about the upcoming talks or to communicate any important messages to the attendees.
  2. The chatbot – Booth representatives can set up a chatbot, which can answer the most popular questions attendees have.
  3. Attendees Matching – First-time users can answer a set of questions and be matched to participants with similar preferences.
  4. Clickable Sections and Renderings Setup – The host of the event can upload renderings and set up all clickable sections manually via the admin panel.
Virtual events-approach-6
Virtual events-approach-5


41,240+ visitors

attended multiple online events

8 events

successfully organised and supported

We've worked with the Ralabs team from the inception to the launch of the full product of our platform. Their working ethic, flexibility and adaptability have been key to the success of the entire project. Certainly not the last time we will work with them.
Alvaro Grau Llueca
Global Director

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