The 1st Virus Tracing App

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The client

A non-profit organization based in Germany was working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus. The client was interested in validating the idea of using GPS satellite-location tracking as a tool for preventing the spread of the virus while simultaneously docking down the medical system overload.


The challenge

There was no app like this one developed before since humanity never faced this challenge before. The scope was pretty huge, we have been tasked with developing an architecture that would store location data for more than 10 million users.


Approach / what was done

In-depth preliminary research marks the beginning of any project at Ralabs. We have scrutinized the WHO’s position on the issue and it was clear that the organization defined the contact tracing interventions as one of the most efficient measures in controlling the COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide.

Implemented features

feature:/ 01
Monitored Risk of Infection Spreading

Based on anonymized location data tracking, we implemented a Traffic Light System that identifies the risk of infection for users based on their recently visited places, people contacted, and historical health reports.

feature:/ 02
Human-in-the-Loop Documents Check

The system gathers data about the users’ location and validates reports with the test results according to GDPR & HIPAA.
When the positive case is detected, the system will send notifications to all users who have been contacted by the infected person.

feature:/ 03
Algorithm-based Intersections Matching

The checker asks users about relevant symptoms and based on the responses received, it creates a risk profile while automatically compiling the corresponding health reports.

Additional features

  1. Algorithm-based intersections matching
  2. Smart caching every 14 days to decrease the amount of stored data
  3. Localization for English, German, Swiss markets


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validated the concept of using a contact tracing app for preventing an infection from spreading

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