We build a company no one wants to leave

From a co-working space with two engineers to a team of 67. No matter the scale, we still know each others’ names, faces — and the names of our CEO’s cats. Because cats rock.

Our journey:

Employer of the Universe

• Haven't lost a single employee in 100 years;
• Opened offices in all international hubs;
• Acquired Apple and Meta IT departments 'cuz they all wanted to work for us

Grew up to 60+ people, launched the Ralabs Design Agency & continue rolling

• 67 guys and girls proudly call themselves ‘ralabsers’;
• Launched an open referral program;
• Launch of a stand-alone Ralabs Design Agency;
• Went 100% remote

Worked on a COVID-19 tracking app, launched a mental health program

• 67 guys and girls proudly call themselves ‘ralabsers’;
• Launched an open referral program;
• Launch of a stand-alone Ralabs Design Agency;
• Went 100% remote • Developed the first virus tracking app;
• Launch of a mental health program for the team;
• Moved into a new A1 class office;
• Business trip to London with the FDS team. Visiting one of the biggest; healthcare conferences in the UK

Second Fortune 500 client, 8 new projects, and the Hippie Summer Party!

• Attended two conferences in the US; had our own stand in Boston and California;
• Hippie summer party! 😎;
• Held a strategy session in the Carpathians, the Board was formed;
• 8 new projects;
• Onboarded our second Fortune 500 enterprise client from the telecom industry;
• The launch of Skytango, the world’s first platform for certified aerials and drone operations;
• Worked on AR/VR app for drawbrooklyn.com;

First Fortune 500 client, a new service — Data Engineering

• February 23, 2018 – 1st internal monthly digest (and we never stopped);
• Onboarded our first fortune 500 client to work on a blockchain-related project;
• Started our long-term relations with Capitalise, the award-winning Fintech company from UK;
• First strategic session in Istanbul;
• Machine Learning internship with Yuriy Guts;
• Started a new service stream: Data Engineering;
onboarded our first Data Engineering client — conDati

Hromadske, Python stream, new office

• Won tender for design & web dev of Hromadske project;
• First business trip to Dublin. New customer — CR2;
• Moved to Hazova office with a sauna;
• (9 June) Rented a cinema hall for movies;
• (20 July) Created our first merch;
• (11 Sep) Business trip to Hamburg, Germany. We rented a Fiat 500 for three people;
• Complicated industrial project — IoT for agriculture (Ultraf);
Started a new service stream: Python development

First year. Got a company, and got it going

• Andrew Y. and Roman R. founded Ralabs;
• Ralabs is hosted on iHUB coworking space in Lviv;
• Began long-term partnership with CR2; one of the most extensive projects to this day;
• Started working on our first Healthcare project BabyNoggin;
• A new service stream: UI/UX Design;
• Moved from coworking space to our second office;

Before Ralabs. Previous experience of our founders

• Started company with a product development concept. The first product — InvoiceMe — was similar to the XERO accountant tool;
• The second customer was 10g-force;

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Meet the people

From Team Leads to trainees, everyone is a core part of the Ralabs team. And these ladies and gents below are the ones who navigate the waters.
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Ambassador quote

CEO quote, because everyone does it
I've come from nowhere, and I'm not shy to go back.

— Jason Statham,
man in a white tank top

Wait, that's not our CEO. Here he is
As software engineers, Roman and I wanted to create an environment the tech people would enjoy. It should be as simple as 'work, tasks, projects.

— Andrew Yasynyshyn,
Creating Excellent Organizations


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